Blog 2 (Vlog): Night Market

Last night, I went to a really famous night market in Taichung City called: Fengjia night market. It’s right by Feng-Jia University so that’s where it got it’s name from.
It’s one of the largest night market with 100,000 people visiting per night on the weekends. They made a wooping $280 million in profits in 2010 even though the economy wasn’t doing well.
So, what is a night market? Just like the name of it says, it’s a market that opens at night. They usually start opening their stores in the afternoon, but most people shop around at night.
There are hundreds of food stalls selling everything you can think of. The cuisine is mainly Taiwanese and Japanese. You can find seafood (grilled clams, shrimp, squid), meat (taiwanese sausage, pork buns, beef noodle soup, fried chicken breast), stinky tofu (is it’s own category), fruit snacks (plums, strawberries on a stick with honey over it). 
There’s also tons of drink stalls that sell bubble tea, milk tea, and fresh fruit tea. Some drink stalls have drinks that they’re famous for, like the one I went to was known for their Papaya Milk Tea. 
Some night markets would also have clothing stores for both men and women. It’s usually young adult fashion for people from ages 15-25 would be shopping for it. Since it’s a night market, the items won’t be high quality like in department stores, but the price is very reasonable (ranging from $3 USD to $20 USD). There are also shoe stores with the same price range as clothing. They sell everything from flip flops, ballerina flats, heels, boots, dress shoes, and sneakers. 
And then there’s the small accessory shops. It could be accessories for your phone (Taiwanese people looooove bling-ing up their phone), or accessories for girls (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and makeup).
So enough of the background info, here are some photos and a video to better explain what I’m talking about.

 But before you enter a night market, you have to go through the pain to try to find a freaking motorcycle parking space! (Driving is impossible because there’ll be no parking within walking distance)

This is what stalls look like. They usually have a very Japanese feeling to it (influence from history, if you don’t know, Japan colonized Taiwan in the past)

Just some steamed clams I got for like $1USD. You can add flavors on it, like spicy, garlic, lemon… etc

And these are gigantic takoyaki balls

This one is a fried sweet potato ball

And you’ll also have an occasional lost white dude lol… The tip for finding the best food is looking for the longest line. If there’s no line, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it probably tastes plain. Look for long lines! It’s usually worth the wait.
———————— And for something really inappropriate ….. ————————-

Yes, penis shaped desserts with cream on the inside. Those girls who are brave enough will just walk around with one of these in their mouths. I did not get one lol… That’s just too inappropriate hahaha oh Taiwanese people (they’re very straight forward and in your face sometimes)
Apparently some baker fucked up a piece of bread and it turned out to be a shape of a penis. That’s when everyone started making these.

And the random cactus shop… 

I ended up buying just one dress. Price was around $16 USD
It was actually tight on me. Clothing in Taiwanese night markets usually only have one size. Very rarely they’ll have small or medium. But I’m 47kg (103lbs) with a waist of 25 inches. And I just barely fit this dress…. CRAZY TAIWANESE WEIGHT STANDARDS
For a video of the actual night market:
If you’re using a laptop:
If you’re using a smartphone:
See you guys next week :)

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