Blog 3: A day at the Library

Time to go to the library! 
Woke up at 8am and had some breakfast, purchased from Family Mart.
(Family Mart is a Japanese convenient store)
I got a Cocoa Milk Tea and Strawberry Jam Toast ($1.30 USD for both):

I looked up a whole list of business related books that I want to read that would be helpful for MBA related studies. The list is 50 books in total, which I hope I can finish within a year.

And then I looked up to make sure if the city library has these books. Unfortunately I could only find 50% of the books I want in these libraries, and only 10% of the books are the original version (in English). So the rest I would have to read in Chinese. 

So I begged my brother to give me a ride to the biggest library in the city.
Motorcycle - 15 min, Bus - 45 min.

The library is a massive 5 Floors + 2F underground parking.

Each floor is 42,000 sq/m = 452,000 sq/ft

It holds a total of about 1.3 Million books, magazines, videos, newspapers, and other forms of information.

1F - The lobby, Children's Library, Digital Experience Area
2F - Digital Center, Center for Visually and Hearing Impaired, Conference Rooms
3F - Multi-Cultural Services, Periodicals & Newspapers, Reference Materials, Maps
4F - Chinese Collection: Linguistics and Literature, Natural Science, Applied Science, Social Science
5F - Foreign Collections (In English, Japanese, korean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese) , Humanities, Arts, Young Adults

1F - Digital Experience Area

Behind the Scenes, What happens when you return your books?
This machine automatically sorts the books that are returned.
The orange boxes on the right side is where the returned books come in from.

1F Lobby

1F - Children's Library Entrance

What it looks like on the inside

2F Encyclopedia/Reference Room

5F - Japanese Books! There are Approximately 20 shelves of these?

There's also the "Cellphone Rooms" If you need to pick up a call you can stand inside for a few moments. This can ensure the library will always be quiet.

When you want to look up a book's location, you just go to a nearby computer, find it, and printout the details. No more looking for a pencil and paper!
These are the books I was looking for.

This is the self check-out machine.
You just put your library card at the little slot on the bottom left of the screen.
Stack all of your books on the machine (yes, all at once)
And it will check out your books all together.
The whole process takes less than 15 seconds.

You also have the option of sanitizing your books! 
(Haha, So Asian)

Just stack your books inside in V-shapes, and wait for 40 seconds.

Happy Reading : )
(You can borrow max of 15 books at once, and it's due after 1 month)

expand to read more

An exciting package came in today!

My NYC skyline wall sticker! Yay!

It's not completely accurate, but I miss NYC so much!

And then finally, my lunch. Also from Family Mart (bought it along with breakfast this morning) It's Unagi Don (Eel over rice) + Mung Bean Milk drink
Both together was around $3 USD

No Vlog this time yet! 
Maybe at the end of the week : )

See you guys next time!

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