Blog 4 (Vlog): Trip to Costco

Today I went to Costco with my mom to look for some steak, cereal, TREsemmé shampoo, and tampons (which I can't find anywhere! Asians don't use them).

Costco here looks and smell exactly like Costco in the US!! Yay I feel like I'm back home.

Even the food court has their famous hot dog and pizzas.

Notice how Samsung is nonexistent? Taiwan and Korea tension ... 
Taiwanese people don't use Samsung.

Mom checking out a frying pan

Because Asians NEED to line up and try food samples

Q-tips for like... 10 years?

Hmm... no one really works out in Asia.. What's this for? lol...

Pharmacy items must be checked out at pharmacy area. 
This makes things super inconvenient... don't remember it being like this before

And the few items we got.

Here's a Vlog with more details!

If you're on your laptop:

If you're on a smartphone:

See you guys next time :)

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