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On July 10th in the morning at 5am, I finally landed in Taiwan after a long 16 hr direct flight from JFK New York. It’s pretty insane, having to leave the US after living there for 5 years. Even though Taiwan is my home, I still wake up in the middle of the night confused at where I was and thought I was still in New York. 
After I got back to my city, Taichung, I unpacked a little and and started getting myself ready for my life here, like get my phone set up, and then buying every day items (sunscreen only goes up to SPF 50 shockingly, and looking for tampons in Asia is like looking for big foot.) There’s only 2 brands of Tampons, OB or this Japanese brand. I was about to just run to Costco and buying 2 year’s worth of Tampons and call it a day.
In the afternoon I started having a fever, as usual after long flights. So I had to go to my family doctor. He gave me 2 shots, and tons of pills. Ahhhh.. the Taiwanese way of treating patients, overload you with drugs lol… guaranteed better of health within um.. 2 minutes (just kidding, more like half a day)

<Popped a Molly I’m Sweating…. just kidding, cold medicine>
And the first night I just spent all my time throwing away all the useless or really kiddo stuff that I’ve kept throughout my high school years. Cleared out about 60% of my shelf and closet space. My mom will donate a lot of it to an orphanage she always visits.

<My drawer of shoes. As you can see, I own ZERO pairs of flats. Short girl problems!>
So I realized, I have no flats. The ones I had in the US were so beat up I didn’t even bother bringing them with me. So I went shopping!! There’s an area near the First Taichung High School called 一中街 (Yi-Chung Street), it’s full of stores with wholesale price, really cheap items. I always go there to dig for good shoes and clothes.

Most shoes here are priced between $10-$15! They have both women’s  and men’s shoes. They carry products from flip flops, sandals, heels, sneakers, to dress shoes

I ended up getting this pair of flats, which were only about $13 USD. They’re super comfy, the bottom is really soft so it gives support to my feet. 

I also bought a peep toe black heels. They are extremely comfortable! The back part is really soft, which is so hard to find when shopping for shoes in the US. This will ensure that I don’t get painful blisters on my ankle. So I guess these will be my new clubbing/going out shoes for now! I got them for only $16, such a good deal!
And the one really funny thing about buying t-shirts in Taiwan is that the English on it never makes sense 90% of the time. It’s usually some gibberish, or something copied and pasted. It always cracks me up trying to read them haha


"I wa I dreaming dat i arr and at the straogt by self time and time again, if the dream came again, I could live with as with true modesty, shabby"
hmm… wise words lol..


And a lot of “Ariel Shorts"!
I can’t stand that Forever 21 and H&M are all going 90s style where the waist on the hip is so high, your butt just goes flat waist down. I refuse to wear those. Always stick with short shorts! 
I also did some makeup shopping. 

The lashes on the left are just no brands, they’re really cheap and in a lot of stores in that shopping area. This box was only $3USD I think. And the brow pencil on the right is from the famous Korean brand - Etude House. They don’t sell them in the US, so I had to get it!
Next I went to the bookstore to get some stuff, too. This bookstore is one of the prettiest bookstores in our city. It’s inside a department store on the 13th & 14th floor.

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, but this is what it looks like. I got this photo from searching on google. As you can see, photo by Morris, I don’t take any credit of this beautiful photo.

I got some postcards of Taiwan so I can send it to my friends in the US! Let me know if you want one! I also got a book on basic Italian phrases you should know if you go traveling in Italy.

Look what I found! Sicily map.

I also got this very Ariel style (really girly and pink?) diary book. I’ve been keeping a diary every single day for the past 3 years, each year I go through one book, and I’m running out of space in the last one, so I needed to get a new one. 
I also went to MUJI

Just got this simple three drawer thing that I’m using to hold some of my makeup and jewelry.


This is what it looks like after I finished putting everything in. A lot of online makeup gurus use this method to store their makeup products, and I think it’s really organized. No more tangled necklaces or spending 5 minutes to find the right lip product!

While walking out of MUJI I saw a random group of Americans in my background, had to sneak a picture haha! It’s pretty rare to find so many foreigners in my city since it’s not the capital, that’s why I was pretty shocked. You almost can’t navigate this city if you don’t know Chinese. English is pretty limited here.
My last stop before going home is at 7-11! My favorite store in Taiwan. 7-11 in Taiwan is unlike anywhere else in the world. It sells a lot of food that is heated up instantly and mean for like a quick lunch or dinner. It also sells cosmetics, everyday items (tampons, lotion, bandaids.. etc), and magazines. Kind of like Duane Reade or Walgreens. But you can also pay your utilities bill there, mail packages, order packages online and send it to a 7-11 near your house to pick up, buy tickets for concerts/buses/the high speed rail, print documents, and basically every element of your life you can get there. The only thing they don’t sell is electronics. 

Yes, you need 100 brands of instant noodles. That’s what Taiwan is famous for in case you haven’t noticed!

And 100 brands of snacks, we love snacking! I don’t know how we still stay skinny.

And here’s the drink section, full of milk, yogurt, tea, milk tea, and beer.

I only ended up buying three things: Papaya Milk, gum, and pudding.
Last but not least, meet our hamster!!! He doesn’t really have a name, my mom just calls him “little bro" or something like that. 

 He loves carrots, and will let you hold him anyway you want, upside down or whatever, as long as you give him carrots. And he’ll stare at you with big eyes after he finishes - “I want more * v *"

I also filmed a short video showing the things I bought, if you wanna watch it, here’s the link. I’m not trying to be a make up guru or something haha even though I kind of look like I’m trying to mimic one. Can’t help it! I watch too many make up tutorials on YouTube!
If you’re using a laptop:
If you’re using a smartphone:
Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments! Or maybe if there’s anything you’d like to ask me to write about Taiwan definitely tell me! 

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