Most Expensive Cities

I found this list on Forbes

It's basically the cities that have the most expensive average property price 

I'm actually kind of skeptical about this list. They should define each of the "cities" they talk about. Because there's no way the NYC number is so low, or they should make a separate number for Manhattan. Same thing with Tokyo. Greater Tokyo area is pretty big, but as you go out to the suburb Tokyo areas, it looks nothing like central Tokyo and of course the price would vary quite a lot. 
Hong Kong is no surprise though, it's been first place for a while. 

Another thing is that this list uses average price (USD) per square feet.
It would be interesting if we could see avg price of property of the same size.
Or the avg size you get for property of the same price.

So I went and looked up "What $1 Million Buys
And I found a good list for 15 properties around the world.
So $1 Million USD would buy you a one bed/one bath apartment on the east side in Manhattan NYC, or it could buy you a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, house with a private swimming pool, a front patio, a large back yard, and a nice view to surrounding mountains in Cape Town, South Africa.

Pick your choices, well, if you have $1 Million to spare.

There's more than one list for "What 1 Million buys"
Google and have fun browsing!

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