The Bloomberg Billionaires

Bloomberg made an interactive list of the World's Top 100 Billionaires

It includes very detailed information about each Billionaire, such as what industry they're in, how they earned their wealth, their life achievements, and fun facts about them. 
I think it's a great way to learn about business people and you should definitely play with this list if you're a business major. 

This is what the main "Explore" panel looks like

You can explore by industry, citizenship, sex, age, and source of wealth (inherited or self-made) The example above is what it looks like when I chose Female for sex.

As you can see 10 out of 100 Billionaires are Women, but all of 10 inherited their wealth and aren't self-made. This includes Steve Job’s wife Laurene Jobs at #95. She has $8.4 Billion in Walt Disney stock and $2.5 Billion in Apple stock.

(By Citizenship)
  • America: 40 (#9-12 are all from the Walton family, who owns Walmart, all of them have inherited their way into the top 100 billionaire list.)
  • Russia: 11
  • Hong Kong: 4 (Li Ka-shing at #16, Lee Shau Kee #27, Cheng Yu Tung #39, Che Woo Lui #53)
  • Japan: 2 (Tadashi Yanai san, owner of Uniqlo, richest man in Japan, ranking number 40. He controls 46% of Fast Retailing. And Masayoshi Son san who founded SoftBank, Japan’s 3rd largest mobile service provider.)
  • UK: 1
  • China: 1
  • Australia: 1
  • The only person from Africa is from Nigeria
    #31 Aliko Dangote $21.3B, richest man in Africa, owner of Dangote Group, the continent’s largest conglomerate (diversified industry)

(By Age)
  • The youngest, and only person in the age group of 20-29 is Mark Zuckerberg at rank #41, worth $17.4B
  • Ages 60-69 and ages 80-89 have the most Billionaires, each with 20 people in the category.

(By Source of Wealth)
  • 27 out of 100 people inherited their wealth
  • 10 out of 40 Americans inherited their wealth
  • 11 out of 11 Russians are self-made

If you click on the person's head icon, you can see the complete details about them.

This is the Rank tab which allows you to see how much their wealth has changed compared to last year.

And the plot tab is good for seeing them sorted about by their industries.

Top 3 industries with the most Billionaires are Diversified, Retail, and Tech

And the last tab is the world Map. 

Most of the wealth in the world concentrates in North America and Europe. South America has 5 Billionaires, Africa has 1, Australia has 1, and the Middle East also only has 1. In Asia it’s spread out between India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Philippines. 

This interactive list of billionaires is the best list I've seen so far. If I'd had one thing to pick about, I guess I'd want to be able to rank them by what kind of wealth they have. For example to be able to rank them by amount of cash they own, or amount of private vs public assets they own.

Hope you guys enjoyed this posting! 
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