Blog 6 (Vlog) - Pretty Food Court

Recent years there's this trend in Taiwan where food courts in department stores will be built to look like a theme park or something. I actually quite like it, because this is a much more comfortable and relaxing environment to be in (as opposed to lame food courts in American malls)

The department store I went to (Far Eastern Department Store) has 4 themes in their food court: Japanese, Taiwanese, European, and American.

This is what it looks like:

< American >

< Japanese >

< Japanese >

 < Taiwanese >

Sorry I forgot to take photos of the European section. 
It's in my vlog, look for the link at the end.

The department store has a little cooking classroom! How cute!

This is just a really pretty cafe I ran into on another floor

And a funny translation.. Gravida... wherever that came from
Should be: Pregnant Women
Silly Taiwanese English!

Click here for the Vlog!

Thanks for reading guys!! 
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