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So, you know me (well if you do), I'm always curious

usually curious about random things all of a sudden

And I was just thinking about the positive attributes of Taiwanese people today, they're really nice and like to help and support each other even if they're complete strangers.

But what are we talented at... ?

So I decided to google up some Guinness World Records we hold

Number One: 114,606 cyclists rode simultaneously
breaking Italy's 48,615 record
Date: January 1st, 2012

This event was held for Taiwan's 100th birthday.
All of them rode at least 5km for one hr
Taiwanese people have always loved activities that promote being healthy, and cycling is among one of the most popular activities. 

Number Two: 1,312 people broke a new Guinness World Record by putting on face masks at the same time for 10 minutes 
Date: July 28th, 2013

Last record held by Australia 1,143 
So, we really love our skin?

Number Three: Largest number of people transplanting rice seedlings
People participating: 1, 215
Size of land: 2.1 hector 
Time: 16 min and 20 Seconds

Date: August 18th, 2012

Previous record: Thailand
People: 900
Size of land: 1.6 hector
Time: 30 min

Number Four: 2,946 people set record for Mass hula hooping
Date: September 14th, 2011

Rule: Hula hoops had to stay above the hips for 2 minutes
There were 3,010 participants but approximately 500 people were disqualified because of the rules applied to this record

Number Five: 3,971 children set Lion Dancing Record
Date: September 14, 2012

Some children were preparing for this even as long as 3 years
The synchronized dance lasted for 6 minutes
And no one was disqualified during this event

Number Six: Largest violin assembly set by 4,645 kids
Date: October 19th, 2011

Last record was set over 80 years ago in London
Participants were all between the age of 7-15

Number Seven: World's longest popup book
Pages: 96
Length: 106 cm

Book is created by 250 students and teachers from 63 elementary and junior high schools
The content is 148 iconic scenes of Taichung City

Number Eight: Taiwanese skate boarder breaks record
December 19th, 2012
Furthest distance traveled in 24 hrs: 300km

Number Nine: 602 participants broke record in multi legged race
Date: June 5th, 2012
Length ran: 50m

This was actually and joint race with people participating from Taiwan and Japan
The race took place in Taipei on a muddy grass field

Number Ten: 280,000 protestors singing "Do you hear the people sing"

This isn't registered officially in the Guinness World Records
But I would like to add this event to my list

In Taiwan, a soldier was tortured to death in the army.
However, our government stated that it was just an accident. Even though it was a cover up of a corruption incident among the higher up authorities.
That's why one hundred thousand people went on the street and surrounded the Ministry of National Defense on 2013/7/20.
It's shameful that the Prosecutors' Office still couldn't give us the truth and wants to procrastinate, so the people will go on the street again on this Saturday (2013/8/3). May this song give us strength.

The event was held on 2 dates
July 20th, 2013  with 30,000 participants
August 3rd, 2013 with 250,000 participants

I wanted to include this "achievement", mainly because it shows that Taiwanese people are trying to stand up to the government to solve problems in a very peaceful and democratic way. There's no one hurt, no police firing rubber bullets at people, or any pushing and shoving. At the end, I hope the truth can come out, but the government and the people can handle this incident like how a democratic, free, and peaceful country should.

If you go on Youtube and search "Do you hear the people sing" you can find comments flooded about this incident and people around the world supporting. 

As much as this is an ugly incident, but I'm happy to see our people stand up for ourselves. It is no doubt politically related. 

"Hong Kong has already perished, Taiwanese people, please protect your homeland" 

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