Blog 12 (Vlog) : European House

Today it's off to a nearby city of my hometown. It's 1 hour away where my mom works at. She's been dreaming of buying a house instead of buying one floor in a high rise building. Wasn't feeling very well during the car ride since traffic was so bad. (Typical Saturday morning)

Floors: B1 (Parking garage) + 4F
Bedrooms: 4 
Bathrooms: 3
Balconies: 3 
Study: 1
Kitchen: 1

This is the front yard and entrance!

The theme of the whole interior design is European

Full of chandeliers and pretty wall papers.

You have no idea how happy my mom was when she found this phone

Love the purple wall in the kitchen

It also has an electric stove, and full size oven.

(Full size ovens aren't common in Taiwan at all)

The first and second floors are halfway combined

There is this balcony thing where you can see the first floor from the second

The door to the study

The old owners had a Japanese furnishing style

The study room was kept that way

Small bedroom on the third floor has an awesome window 

Also a small balcony, and 2 dressers

The master bedroom has a prettier wallpaper

(and 3 dressers, I forgot to take a photo)

Small bathroom in the masters

Main bathroom on the third floor

The fourth floor has a secret storage space in the stairway

(The rest of the fourth floor is in the YouTube video)

Mirror, have to take a selfie