Blog 14: Dessert and Skin Care Rampage

This week I went on a Dessert Rampage for some reason

The first place I went to is called Belle Journée

The name of the place means "beautiful day" in French

It's a nice name, but I just can't help but laugh at what it means when they decided to abbreviate the two words and use it as their logo. Bear with me, Americans hahaha

gahhhh so hard to not laugh

They have a variety of coffee and tea drinks and also snacks
Other items that are baked specials for the day can be found on the 1st floor.

I ended up getting a Rose tea

And there are cute little free sugar and creams 

The first Soufflé of my life!!

It was so fluffy

The store also had really cute dessert paintings on their wall

I think this place was originally someone's house
and the bakery remodeled it.
But it still has that cozy home feeling!
The atmosphere is amazing

Some homemade jams and other goodies 

And a picture with my dear friend from High School :)


The second place is called "Sweet Emily"
I absolutely love their logo, design, colors, and their branding.
And you just feel like a royal princess sitting inside the store!

A macaroon Eiffel tower

There are tons of cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, and pies to choose from

They also serve a lot of different kinds of coffee, fruit teas, and milk tea.

This is combo platter was amazing. It's 7 mini versions of their desserts
It's best if you want to try every type of dessert they make.
It was only $200 NT ($6.75 USD)


I also went on a skin care rampage... opps
My skin has been reacting to Asian weather like crazy.
I think it isn't used to how moist and hot it is here
so I started to break out like crazy.
Chinese medicine has fortunately helped it a lot already
I only took 1 day worth of medicine and the pimples are almost all gone.

But I still wanted to prevent the pimples from coming back
So I got a ton of skin care products, as well as vitamins. 
I'll explain them below

Top row is a ton of vitamins from DHC. 

1. Starting from the left is Iron, since I've been losing more hair than usual lately. Taking more Iron will help strengthen my hair. 

2. Vitamin B will also strengthen my hair and reduce pimples (B6 & B12 are the main ingredients that will help). 

3. Pearl Barley will help my skin regenerate and have a more even tone as well as lighten my complexion. 

4. Perilla frutescens leaf extract is for reducing allergy, which might help my darker than normal under eye circles. 

Bottom row is drug-store brand skin care products

1. L'Oréal Paris: White Perfect Laser, Treatment Water. This will lighten your skin tone by 1-2 shades within weeks. Other bloggers have taken pictures. One of them even said she had to change her foundation to a lighter shade.

2. Neutrogena: Skin Clearing Toner. This is a toner for acne prone skin.

3. Neutrogena: Pore Refining Toner. This will reduce the size of pores and refine skin.

4. Garnier: Acno Clear Pimple relief cooling roll-on. This is a spot acne treatment product.

5. Garnier: Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub. This is a gentle daily scrub for acne prone skin.

6. L'Oréal Paris: White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Night Cream

One thing about Asians, and I mean real Asian-asians, born and raised in Asia. (I debated for a long time on whether I should say we, or they, since I'm neither Asian or American born Asian) Whatever, I'll just use we, since I can relate. We love to keep our skin white, as white as possible. We use UV repellent day-time umbrellas in the sun. We wear long sleeves in the summer when walking in the sun to prevent from getting tanned. Even getting a little tanned is like a deadly disease, no one wants it. That's why there are a million skin-whitening products here. Skin whitening is probably the top category for skin care products here.

Below is an ad for a beauty store from Hong Kong
There's a page dedicated just for Skin-Whintening (美白) products

You get the idea.
And don't try to preach to me that Asians should love themselves, and be fine with their dark skin and mono-lid eyes. People always want what they don't have. Asians like lighter skin, and Americans like to tan. 
Humans are funny beings! 

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