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I felt like making a really girly blog post all of a sudden. It's all about my favorite makeup products! I've personally tried all of these brands/products, and have picked 1-3 products that I liked the most out of each brand. I will section the brands based from origin: US, Europe (France/London), and Asia (Korea/Japan). And there are two types: luxury and drug store brand.

♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.* U n i t e d  S t a t e s *,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥

Founded: 1991 New York City
(Owned by Estée Lauder)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: Long-wear Gel eyeliner

(There are 3 types of eyeliner: pencil, gel, and liquid)

I found this gel eyeliner to be the most smudge proof 
(it's better than MAC's gel eyeliner), 
it stays on for a long time, 
and the texture is great. 

Founded: 1984 New York City

Type: Luxury

Favorite #1: Penultimate Liquid Liner

It's a really good beginner liquid liner.
It works just like a marker but with a fine tip.
It stays on for a very long time and is basically waterproof.
Color shows even when layered over other pencil or gel liners.

Favorite #2: Creme cup Lipstick

This is the best nude lipstick color I've ever came across.
I've been to MAC stores to get extra ones and they're usually almost out of stock!

Founded: 1915 Chicago
(Owned by: L'Oréal)

Type: Drug store

Favorite #1: Eyestudio Gel liner

This is probably the best drug store eyeliner I've ever used.
It stays on for a long time, and the quality for the price is amazing.
One down side is that it doesn't work well on lining the water line.

Favorite #2: Color Sensational Lipstick

Both more neutral tone colors and bright red colors work great!
There's many colors to choose from, and the texture is nice and matte.
Colors I like: 235 Warm Me Up (for work), 515 Coral Crush (for going out)

If you want lipstick with more gloss to it, try the Watershine Pure collection
It isn't sold in the US though I think.
Color I love: M31 It's like a dark red color, more mature.

Favorite #3: The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Used up 3 of these already.

Founded: 1990 Hollywood
(Owned by Estée Lauder)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: Be Legendary Lipstick
Color: Mandarin

This was my first RED lipstick.
I actually was going to buy from MAC
But I sat at their studio in Nordstrom for about 20 minutes
All of the MAC ones were too red for me.
Then the makeup artist ran to Smashbox and grabbed this lipstick
Can't believe she's so patient and nice!
This Smashbox lipstick color is red with a hint of orange.

Founded: 1996 California
(Owned by L'Oréal)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil

This eyeliner pencil is basically gel.
It's water proof and long lasting.
Hands down the best of the best of eye liner products!

♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.* E u r o p e *,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥

Founded: 1834 London

Type: Drug Store

Favorite: Chocolate Sweet Eyes 006

This eyeshadow is only sold in Japan.
It's a super shimmery eyeshadow set
But the colors are great and easy to use!
It also stays on for a while.

Founded: 1863 Paris

Type: Drug Store

Favorite: Rouge Edition Lipstick
Color: 10 (Red)

This is a matte red lipstick and it stays on all day!

Founded: 1970 Paris
(Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy)

Type: In between drug store / Luxury

Favorite: Sephora Sculpting Disk

I bought it back in 2008 and I believe it's no longer available 
It's been with me 5 years and has been super helpful!
For the most part I use the SUN side to contour my face.
It stays on very well
(after a sweaty scooter ride and shopping for hours)
It also can be a quick fix if your hair is oily
it's the same trick as putting on baby powder to decrease the shininess

Founded: 1935 Paris
(Owned by L'Oréal)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: Waterproof Concealer

I've used this for almost 4 years now! 
The texture is really good!

Founded: 1962 Paris
(Owned by L'Oréal)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: Rouge Volupté Lipstick
Color: 1 Nude Beige

This is a really creamy type of lipstick 
It's almost like gloss 
This nude color is very similar to the MAC Creme Cup
Just in a different texture

Founded: 1946 Paris
(Part of LVMH Moët Hennessy)

Type: Luxury

Favorite: 5 Couleurs Eye shadow Palette
Color: 609 Earth Reflection

This was the first luxury brand eye shadow I've ever bought
It's been with me for 5 years now
And I've barely made a dent in the palette
It's a shimmer eye shadow with neutral colors
Really great for a natural look
The colors stay on great for a long time
Even though it was expensive, it's definitely worth every penny

♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.* A s i a *,.♥,.*♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥,.*,.♥

Founded: 1985 Tokyo

Type: Drug Store

Favorite #1: Creamy Touch Rouge
Color 02

This is a nude-orange color matte lipstick
The packaging is so pretty, and the quality is amazing
What I can't believe is that it's only 735 Yen ($7 USD)

Favorite #2: Nudy Glow Lipgloss
Color: 01, Only 609 Yen ($6 USD)

This goes with the lipstick mentioned above.
It's a more orange shade nude.

Favorite #3: Cream Cheek

Color: 05 (Orange)

I love cream blushes! And these stay on forever!
I can be riding a scooter out all day sweating, and it will stay on for hours.

Founded: 1997 Tokyo
(Owned by Kanebo)

Type: Drug Store

Favorite: Designing Eyebrow
Color: Ex-4

Eyebrow powder is a must if you want Japanese looking brows
This will help a lot if you have dark brows but light color hair
It can help you change the color of your brows to match your hair

Founded: 2003 Tokyo
(Owned by Shiseido)

Type: Drug Store

Favorite: Honey Pump Gloss
Color: PK242 (Pink)
It's similar to PK130 on the picture

These lip glosses are ultra sticky, so they'll never come off
They will accentuate whatever lip color you have underneith

They also make Honey Pump Lip Essence lip care

One down side is that once you have this on
your boyfriend would not want to kiss you


Type: Drug Store

Favorite: Perfect Fit Concealer
Color 01

This is the best of the best concealer!
I have super dark eye circles and this cover it all.
It's even better than luxury brand concealers like Lancôme and Bobbie Brown

It's only $10 USD compared to 
Bobbie Brown's Corrector set (which I have no idea what's the hype about)
$34 + $24 USD = $58 USD
The bobbie brown corrector doesn't even cover nearly as well as Za.

Founded: Korea

Type: Stand alone store, Drug store price

Favorite: Easy Brow Pencil 
Color: #2 Brown

The texture isn't like other brow pencils 
which tend to be stiff and dry.
Instead it's soft and a little bit creamy
It makes applying a lot easier.
It also comes with a handy brush!

Founded: 1996 Korea

Type: Drug Store

Favorite #1: Super + Blemish Balm (BB) Triple Functions
SPF 25 PA+++

This one has amazing coverage.
It also has whitening and wrinkle improvement functions.
The sunscreen protection is also already in the foundation.
I'd say this is the best foundation I've tried in a long time.
Beats those luxury brands like MAC and Anna Sui

Favorite #2: Diamond Collection
SPF 25 PA+++

This is very similar to the one above, except in a more watery texture.
Because it's more watery, the coverage isn't as well.
But this one puts less burden on the skin because of the watery texture.
It also has whitening, wrinkle improvement, and sun protection.

Finally the long list of makeup products is done.

There are still a lot of amazing products out there

But I think I have more than enough makeup for now!

Let me know if you have any suggestions

or products you would like to recommend!

Thanks for reading!

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