Data Visualized

Today I was just browsing like I usually do every morning, 
and I found a few really cool sets of data that was visualized into a video or a color map.

[ New York Transit (MTA): One day of activity ]

This map with dots of various subway and buses show the flow of transportation from 4am - 4am in the New York City area (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey). You can see the traffic flow direction changing from in-bound to out-bound during working hours. 

[ Global Android Activations, Oct 2008 - Jan 2011]

This map is really cool. It shows by bar height and color of the number of android activations throughout the world. It first shows the world map, the US, Europe, and East Asia region. It also indicates when certain products are released (which cause a boom of android activations) like the Motorola Droid and the Samsung Galaxy S.

[ Gay Rights in the US, by State ]

If you put your mouse over a certain state, it will give you details on the different types of gay rights within the state you chose. Here's an example of Washington State below:

I'm proud to say that all the states I've lived in (IA, WA, NY) are pretty liberal on all of the types of Gay Rights. And the Northeast is all nice and colorful! Hopefully the whole wheel can be colorful soon. After all, isn't freedom and respecting everyone what America was built upon on?

[ Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks ]

Now to a more sensitive data set, income level.
But as you can see, red is the lower income and green is the higher income
It gives you an easy read at a glance on income level based on area.
You can search every state, city, and town in the US.
I wish they can make this for the whole world!! Then compared to the rest of the world, the US is probably really really green. 

If you click on individual areas, you can also see the details of exact income. 
For example, you can see how much K-Town people earn up above.

Another function is that you can see the rent levels. 
Yea, just looking at this map of New York City rent levels, my eyes hurt.

The most expensive zip code on the Upper East Side?
Median monthly rent is $1,671.
That probably gets you what... a small studio? Probably not even.
I'm really skeptical about this number.

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