Racist Gifts to Give Asians

I've thought up a list of items that you can give an Asian that might be racist. Well, in a more funny way. I don't think an Asian would actually be mad if they received these gifts. In fact they would probably be happy, we all love free stuff!! (Haha ok, maybe I'm the racist)

< Rice Cooker >
Especially the ones that are American brand and only has 3 buttons.
We need more like 6-7 button options to be able to cook different kinds of rice.
Hint, hint: get Toshiba!

< Karaoke Set >
Actually, not all Asians sing. 
There are lots of Karaoke parties, but usually only a few people hog the mic
The rest of the people are just there to watch or drink.

< A camera with a flip screen >
To take selfies? 

< Supermarket, cheap sushi platter >
You know this is not authentic and probably tastes like crap.
It's kind of like if you were to go to an American buffet
Slap some of that mac n' cheese and gravy on a big plate
and give it to an American as a gift.

< Nunchucks >
This one's probably the most racist one ever.
Not all Asians know some sort of martial art.
In fact, I can't think of any Asian friend off the top of my head 
that knows some kind of martial art.
And instead, I have some non-Asian friends who are super into martial arts.

< Ping Pong Set >
Same thing with the Karaoke set
It may seem like a lot of people do it
But not everyone knows how to play ping pong

< A maid outfit >
This is kind of racist because a lot of house hold maids are Asian
and also the Anime culture behind it.
Not every likes this kind of Anime cosplay or weird fetish culture if you will
The ones who like it might think it's cute
The ones who don't would be greatly offended

< Ugg Boots >
Not all Asins wear Uggs!! That's such a stereotype.
I think it might be that Asians who weren't born in the US who's just moved to the US and haven't encountered boots before (A lot of places in Asia don't snow), and Ugg is the most famous brand for boots, so that's what every Asian buys when it starts to snow! 
I'm totally guessing.

< A Wok >
Haha this one makes me laugh.
A lot of Asians nowadays don't even know how to cook.
Look at how the food industry in Asia is like! 
It's cheap, convenient, basically you have 24hrs of delicious food available
Who would cook?
A lot of Asians probably don't even know how to cook with a Wok.
I'll treat it as a hybrid of a frying pan/pot.

< Fake Designer Bag>
This one would totally piss the Name-brand loving Asian girls off
There are plenty of people out there who use fake designer bags
or else why would people keep making them?
If there's no demand, there wouldn't be a supply.
It's just that people who use it won't admit they're getting fake ones.
But then there's also girls who would go broke in debt for real bags
If they ever received a fake bag they'd probably be greatly offended

And also, not all asians like designer bag.
The most expensive bag I have is cheaper than my Ikea twin Mattress.

< A set of manga books >
I don't even know where to start on this one
you get the idea!

Anyone have anymore interesting ideas?
Or perhaps actual gifts you've actually received?
Feel free to comment below!

And by the way, I'd probably laugh and gladly receive all of these gifts. Even if I probably can't rock those nunchucks, I'll hang them on the wall as decoration!

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