Guide: Christmas Gifts to give Girls

A lot of guys always say "Buying gifts for girls are so hard"
So I decided to create this list of 5 kind of gifts you can buy for a girl that would never go wrong.

1. The Makeup gift set

You can easily find these at any major mall or Sephora.
It doesn't really matter if it's lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or you don't even know what the heck it is. As long as it's makeup, girls will love it.

Some brands you can consider getting: 
Lancome, YSL, Bobbie Brown, Dior, Chanel, Nars, Mac, Benefit, Urban Decay, Smash Box

(And try to avoid drug store makeup as a gift. Drug store make up is anything you can buy at a drug store. In the US it would be Walgreens, in HK it would be Sasa)

2. The Nail Polish Gift Set

This might be a little tricky to find for guys. They should be at Sephora or any major mall.

Just go in and ask for either one of these brands: essie / OPI

3. The Tons of Forever 21 Jewelry Gift Set

Well, they don't actually come in sets. 
Guys, you'll just have to pick out a ton of random jewelry. 
Forever 21 jewelry is well loved by girls all around the world, so it can't really go wrong.
Another good thing is that the price point is relatively low per item, so you can buy 10 or more pieces and give it as a gift set.

 4. The Non-Designer Handbag Gift

All girls love bags. But buying a designer bag might be too much 
well, unless your girlfriend is buying you a PS4, then you're kind of obligated to get a designer bag (ok, just kidding)
There are a lot of other bags out there that are reasonably priced and look nice
For example: from or ALDO
As for which one or what style to pick, try to look through the girl's instagram or pinterest to see what kind of style she likes, or just observe what kind of bags she uses on a daily basis. That'll give you a good idea.



5. The Victoria's Secret Gift Set

Step 1 Find a Victoria's Secret
Step 2 Walk in
Step 3 Grab a gift set
Step 4 Pay

Victoria's Secret sells lotions, fragrances, and makeup. 
Honestly though, a girl would be happy with any of the three combinations. 


So girls, did I get this list right?

And guys, what's the equivalent list for you guys?

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