Blog 27 | Hong Kong World Records

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world, also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. With so many people living here, many world records have been created. Here's my top 10 favorites!

1. Most skyscrapers in the world 2, 354. Total heigh at 333,836m.
(Second place is New York City at 1,560 skyscrapers at 224,116m)

2. Biggest neon lamp sign (800,000 lights) 大生地產發展有限公司

unfortunately I couldn't find a picture for this.. if anyone finds it, let me know!!

3. Longest LED display at 70m (Hong Kong jockey club racetrack in Shatin)

4. Tallest Hotel at 102 - 118 F (ICC Ritz Carlton)

5. Most Expensive airport (Hong Kong International Airport)
        • Initial cost was $200 Billion Hong Kong Dollars
        • 100 Airlines operating to 180 destinations
        • 56.5 million passengers per year
        • 4 million tons of air cargo
        • 1,255 hectors 
        • 64 flights per hour during peak hour (this is crazy)

Most of the airport's land is also reclaimed!

6. Longest outdoor Escalator 800m

7. Busiest Mountain and Sea Tunnel

Lion Rock Tunnel (88,000 vehicles PER DAY!)

 Cross Harbour Tunnel

8. Most ridden busses 3,000,000 people daily (Kowloon Bus)

so busy it even has it's own washing center!

9. Oldest double deck tracked tram in year 1912 

10 Highest Cellphone penetration rate 215.3%

Mostly thanks to the Taxi drivers!

Anyone else have anymore interesting facts about Hong Kong to share?

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