Blog 33 | The only 2 type of tops you need for this summer

Honestly, I hate trying to find tops to pair up with shorts or skirts (ain't nobody got time for that when summer is here!). Usually I go for one piece dresses. But I've found 2 top items that can easily be dressed up or down for the summer. 

| The Crop Top |

Originally I saw a white one at Top Shop for around $400 HKD, and I found a few more colors in Mong Kok for much cheaper. I wear this to work a lot. You can just wear a black skirt for a more formal look, or a floral skirt to look more casual! I love these pastel colors (or in Taiwanese terms, Macaroon Colors)


The pink, purple, and blue crop top can be found in Shop 116, 1/F, New Town Mall, Mong Kok 
(exit D2), they're only $150 HKD each.

*Sorry I really couldn't bother ironing all of them just to take photos. They wrinkle easily.

| The lace tank top |

I've been looking for these forever! I wanted v-neck lace tank tops that were fitted but still comfortable. At the end I found them on sale at Uniqlo! And I decided to stock up and got white, black, purple, and blue. They were only $59 HKD each! And you can either pair these up with some shorts, or a cardigan over it will do for work.

 Hopefully you find this useful! Happy summer. 

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