Blog 34 | Birthday Tea Time

And I'm one year older! But honestly, every birthday after the 21st gets less and less exciting, because I really feel that I'm getting old. There's more responsibilities, more things on my mind to think about, like my career, what I'm going to do with my life. 

Usually I get super duper excited 1 month before my birthday is even here. But this year I'm a lot more chilled. It never hit me that it's my birthday until my lovely team surprised me with a blueberry Cheesecake, and a Forever 21 gift card ;) This year I wasn't expecting anything. That's one thing I learned this year, "Life is better when you don't expect anything, because then everything is a pleasant surprise." I used to look forward to everything, and imagine everything ahead of time. But then when things don't go as expected, I go nuts. Which is pretty unhealthy and puts a lot of pressure on people around us. I think I'm proud of myself for the fact that I learned to just enjoy life the way it is and let things unfold as they come.


First thing in the morning, I got my nails done to match my new red hair. I'm still getting used to the color but I'm loving it. I think I look more mature (which is definitely what I'm going for). My boyfriend also got me a lovely Kate Spade wallet, I think it's part the Cherry Lane collection? 

So after I got my nails done, it was around 1pm. The Intercontinental Afternoon Tea starts around 1:30pm, and usually there is a long line. So we got there just in time. We took the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui then walked over. Right after we got to Tsim Sha Tsui, it started raining, and turned into a monsoon downpour after 1 minute. Even though it was a 5 minute walk, My hair and dress were soaked like I just jumped into a pool. It was so tempting to just blow off into a rage and blame the whole world "Should've took a cab", "Why didn't I bring an umbrella", "Great, I took 30 minutes to do my hair now it's all ruined"... But I didn't want to let some stupid rain ruin my day. I also saw this family of 3 that were western tourists. They were caught in he rain too, but they were running with smiles on their faces. And the staff at Intercontinental was really nice and gave us an umbrella and towel! 

The daisies on the table immediately cheered me up! 
For afternoon tea, it's all for 2 people to share. You could pick from 3 different sets, the Champagne Set ($908 HKD), the Normal Set ($568HKD), and the Chinese Set ($568). We just picked the Normal set which includes tea/coffee, and a ton of desserts.


This is an Earl Grey milk tea in the making. 

On the very top there are 3 different dippings (is that what I call it?) for scones: butter, strawberry jam, and earl grey jelly. 

The middle layer is the dessert layer: gigantic passion fruit macaroon, Mango cake, Chocolate Mousse cake, Strawberry Pistachio cake, and Raspberry Tart. 

The bottom layer are the savory items:Salmon tare tare, pizza tasting tart, tuna sandwich?, and an egg sandwich. (jeeze I'm really bad with food names, sorry I couldn't remember)

It didn't look like too much food but I was stuffed at the end. So much pastries and sweets!  


A lot of people ask "Did you get something special for your birthday?"/ "Did your boyfriend get you something special for your birthday?" 

Well, depends on what you define as special. I wouldn't say getting a Kate Spade wallet or eating at the Intercontinental is the special part. It doesn't matter what I get and what I eat. What was most memorable about this birthday is the laughter and fun I had while taking photos with colleagues at the office, getting soaked in the rain, and trying to guess what each of the yummy dessert items were.

The past year of my life has been an incredible journey. From 22-23 years old, I moved to HK, started vlogging, found my first job, made lots of new friends, travelled to Phuket and Seoul, still learning to tame my hamster, improved my ping pong and bowling skills by a lot, and definitely learned more on how to live life. Hopefully next year I will continue to improve more and create more awesome memories.

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