Blog 35 | Getting Red Hair @Chicca Salon

I've been wanting to dye my hair for quite some time. I was choosing between a more orange color and a coral blonde color. It would be really hard to pull off coral blonde (mainly at work) and plus I would need to bleach my hair, so I chickened out and stuck with bright orange instead.

This is actually the first time in my life at a salon. Previously it had always been my mom or myself cutting and dying my own hair, mainly because as a broke-ass student, it's hard justifying paying $50 USD for a haircut. I looked online for reputable Japanese hair salons in Hong Kong and found Chicca. I didn't want to go to a gwailo white people salon, since I'm scared they wouldn't know how to deal with my hair. It might get bleached to a point where it's a really damaged ugly blond. 

Chicca is part of the hair-do salon group and most of its staff are from Japan. The customer service is superb and the hairstyle profiles are amazing. Below are just some examples of hairstyles that this salon has done:

The price of this salon is pretty decent for the quality you get out of it. 

Cut $300-$530 HKD
Coloring $660-830HKD
Foiling/Highlights/Ombre $370-780HKD
Perm $900-2200 HKD
Treatment $150 - 810 HKD

 *Prices range depending on level of stylist, length of hair, and type of product

This time I choose the first visit package, which is $880HKD including cut + color + treatment (you can upgrade the stylist or treatment type)

I choose a Japanese Senior stylist, his name is Hiroki, and he is super nice. The most amazing thing is, he speaks fluent Cantonese! That's crazy. They aren't required to speak Cantonese as a salon staff, but he learned it himself. He also speaks English and obviously Japanese. 

My appointment was at 5pm, and I only waited for about 10 minutes. The salon is really clean and girly, and they play hip hop there, how awesome.

(Main Entrance, photo from Chicca Official Website)

(Hair Treatment + Wash Stations, photo from Chicca Official Website)

(Hair cut area, photo from Chicca Official Website)

Since it was my first time, I had to fill out a member's form. The staff offered me water, coffee, or tea to drink while I wait. And then I showed the picture of the hair color I wanted to Hiroki. Apparently, I messed up my own hair quite a lot. The colors from previous bleaching/dying made my hair uneven, and the hair on my right side of my head is 5cm shorter than the left side. Also because the bottom few cm of my hair was damaged from bleaching, after consulting with a Top Stylist, Hiroki suggested that instead of bleaching, I should dye my hair red twice to get a lighter color but still keep my hair silky.

The first step was coloring. I had a Top Stylist and Senior stylist coloring my hair at the same time. I'll admit I felt like a spoiled princess. They also chatted with me from time to time. I found out that they actually do training in Seattle because there's a famous salon there! I mentioned that I'm going to Osaka in a few weeks time and Hiroki handed me 2 travel magazines to read! So thoughtful.


After 2 rounds of hair coloring, my hair turned super red. They washed off the hair dye, and then applied treatment to it, plus 10 minutes of super nice head and neck massage. After drying my hair (which took 15 minutes), it's time to cut. I wanted to keep my original length, but as mentioned I butchered my own hair and it was pretty uneven. But the stylist still tried his best to keep it the same length. 

After 3 hours, 2 stylists, and 1 assistant, my hair changed from 

Dark Brown            to                  Red

It still looks really red, but after 1 weeks of washing it will turn to a more bright orange color. For now, I'll gladly accept being the red woman :) The results are absolutely amazing. My hair still feels silky, the cut is really nice, and the service is excellent. I'll definitely go back again.

(Indoor)                                           (Outdoor)


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