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The great thing about HK is that you can get a meal from a $20 HKD take out to some fine dining for $2,000 HKD. There are so many cuisines to choose from and new restaurants opening every month! Here's a list of 11 places that I've gone to recently or are my favorite places to go. We'll start from the most inexpensive up to fine dining:

(French chicken takeout)

Price range: $75 (For a quarter chicken $50 + 1 side $25)
* Tip if you buy 2 quarter chicken sets, you can get half of 2 veggies for each set! Roasted Potatoes are the best sides. 

Good for: lazy weekday nights
Specialties: Chicken, roasted potatoes, and chocolate cake
Location: Sheung wan (near MTR close to Queens Road 300s), Wan Chai, Sai Ying Pun
Hours: 12pm - 9pm
Phone: 2324-1898
Rotisserie website:

(Western Food)

Price range: $150
Good for: hungry eaters (portions are super big)
Specialties: burgers, burritos, lamb, and lobster
Atmosphere: bar type of restaurant, very lively and casual
Location: 34 Wyndham Street (LKF, across from the corner of the fringe club)
Hours: till late
Phone: 2525-1439

Din Tai Fung

Price range: $150-$200
Good for: first time Chinese food experience, large groups
Specialties: Xiao Long Bao, dumplings, beef noodle soup, shrimp & egg fried rice, deep fried pork chop, drunken chicken, Taro buns
Atmosphere: more touristy, but very clean and friendly, lively
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Silvercord Centre top floor (MTR exit L5, across from Harbour City, next to H&M)
Hours: 11:30am - 10:30pm
Phone: 2730-6928 
*no bookings accepted, lines are very long on weekends, expect 15min+ wait during normal dining hours

Cafe Greyhound
(Thai Fusion)

Price range: $150-$300 
Good for: casual dates, dinner with friends
Specialties: Salmon Carpaccio, Tom Yum Gong soup, Pastas, burgers, steak, curry, cakes, crepes, Thai Iced Tea
Atmosphere: within opened area of a mall, very loud, casual, family friendly
Location: IFC Mall 1/F shop 1082, festival walk, ocean terminal
Hours: 10am - 10:30pm
Phone: 2383-1133 
*Can book, but book one day in advance, lines are long during normal dining hours expect 15min + wait

Wagyu Lounge
(Western, breakfast menu)

Price range: $150-$250 (breakfast menu have items around $70)
Good for: breakfast, brunch, big group of friends, dates, friday night out
Specialties: smoked salmon salad, burgers, eggs Benedict, french toast, banana milkshake, spicy chicken wings
Atmosphere: loud, lively, casual, bar type atmosphere
Location: 3-5 Old Baily Street (Soho, near escalators)
Hours: 7:30am - 4am
Phone: 2522-1438 (can book in advance, can get busy during brunch hours)

($70 French Toast)

($90 Eggs Benedict)

(Western, Breakfast Menu)

can book, long lines on weekend brunch times
Price range: $1500-$300
Good for: breakfast/brunch, dates
Specialties: Eggs Benedict, Spaghetti, Burgers, Steak
Atmosphere: slightly more formal than Wagyu Lounge, but still has a bar area, a lot of families go on the weekend
Location: 60 Wyndham Street (LKF)
Hours: 8am - 12am
Phone: 2525-8805 

Salmo Fettuccine 

(Western, Breakfast Menu, Oysters)

Price range: $250-$300
Good for: Oysters, fine dining, special dates, breakfast/brunch
Specialties: Oysters, Scallops, Crackling pork belly, steak, spaghetti, lobster
Atmosphere: Fine dining on one side, bar dining on the other, loud and lively
Location: Bridges Street (Soho/Mid Levels)
Hours: 7am - 11pm
Phone: 2803-2083

Common Room
(Gastro Pub, fancy bar food)

Price range: $250-$300
Good for: friday night out, casual dates, big group of friends
Specialties: Mac & Cheese, burgers, sweet potato fries, slow braised pork belly, Kiss from a rose (Vodka & Lychee + Rose Foam)
Atmosphere: very loud, lively fun atmosphere
Location: 8-12 Wo On Lane (LKF, off the side of D'Agular street)
Hours: 11:30am - 2am+
Phone: 2525-3599

(Authentic Indonesian)

Price range: $400+
Good for: big groups, night out, drinks
Atmosphere: lively but proper dining, has a bar area
Location: 5/F L Place, 139 Queens Road Central
Hours: 12pm - 12am
Phone: 2577-9981 (can book in advance)

(Photo from website) 
The place doesn't have very bright lighting, so it's hard to take photos of food.
Plus, everytime I go I'm too busy enjoying good food and wine.

(New Style Japanese)

Price range: $1,000 (for Omakase 8 course dinner)
Good for: special occasion (Birthdays, anniversaries) 
Atmosphere: romantic, fine dining, more quiet, very nice view
Location: 2/F Intercontinental Hotel, TST
Hours: 12pm - 12am
Phone: 2313-2323

Salmon Tare Tare with Caviar

Yellow tail (with jalapeƱo, cilantro) and scallops sashimi (with sesame oil)

King Crab Tempura with sweet vinegar 

Grilled Cod fish
(This just melts into your mouth, it's so good)

US Prime Beef with chili sauce


Oyster & Wine Bar

Price range: $1,000
Good for: special occasion 
Specialties: Oysters (US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France), lobster, crab, prawns, wine 
Atmosphere: quiet, high-end dining, romantic, very nice view
Location: Sheraton
Hours: 6pm - 12am
Phone: 2369-1111 (you can make a reservation online)

You can choose oysters from all over the world. The chef will introduce which oysters are more creamy, salty, sweet, firm, soft... etc They actually taste drastically different from each other.

(Photo credit: 

King Prawn

Seared Scallop, Salmon, and Prawn
Seafood trio 

Do you have any amazing restaurants in Hong Kong that you would like to recommend? 
Leave a comment on the section below! 

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