12 Team Event ideas (HK)

Nothing is better than rewarding yourself and the team with a fun team outing for hard work done. After all, work hard play hard is the best way to motivate each other and to grow a strong team culture. After researching a little online, I've found 12 different things you can do in Hong Kong for team events, or even for a good weekend gathering with a group of friends! These events cater to all types of personalities, for the artistic, athletic, brainiac, and the young-at-heart. 

1.Painting Class (Art Jamming)
There are fast-flow 90min or 4hr normal sessions. With limited amount of time, art jamming can help you let your ideas just flow and and take risks to trust your creative mind.

Location: No.123 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan
Hours: Tue – Sun (11am – 11pm)
Price: $360-$600 depending on size of canvas

2.Karaoke Night (Red Mr)
Karaoke nights are good for big groups of people from 5 - 30 people at a time. If you're too shy to sing, you can play dice games or other drinking games while listening to others sing. 

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai, Causwaybay, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong
Hours: 10am - 6am (depending on day/location)
Price: Starting at $65 - $200 per person (depending on time/location)

3.Trampoline Park (Ryze)
Recently just opened this year, it's the first trampoline park ever opened in Hong Kong. The big amounts of space allows you to jump freely as you wish without getting hurt. They also have a session on Saturday late night where only Lasers light up the room. 

Location: 3/F, 321 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Hours: 9am - 11pm *Saturday: 9pm to 11pm ClubRYZE "Lights Out; Lasers On"
Price: $125/$150 per hr depending on day

Minimum 10 players and up to 60 players, each time you play the field is customized to a different type of map. You get anywhere between 2-6 hours depending on the amount of people.

Location: Paintball Headquarters, G/F Po Lung Centre, 11 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay
Hours: Call in to book a time
Price: HK$250 and up per person 

5.A Watersports Weekend at Palm Beach
They have a huge selection of activities on offer, from Bodyboarding, Kayaksurfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and more! You can event camp on the beach as they provide rental tents and showers rooms.

Locations: South side of Lantau Island
Hours: All day 
Price: Rentals of Kayaks and surfing boards start from around $70, you can also rent beach items such as beach tent, beach chairs, floating noodles, and they event have shower/locker rooms. Click HERE for more price details. 

6.Ice skating (The Rink)
Feeling hot on a summer day? This is the perfect indoor activity to chill. If you arrive right at 10am on a weekend, there will be less people which means more room for you to experiment those spins and jumps! The price is also cheap and pretty fair, depending on how long you skate.

Location:Elements Mall
Hours: 10am – 10pm *certain hours might be reserved for hockey practice, check their website or call-in for details.
Price: $1/min via Octopus Card

7.Bowling (Thunderbowl)
I blogged about Thunderbowl previously in a blog called HK Weekend Activities. It is a bit hard to find so I have the directions in my previous blog. This is a really good place for team events! They also have really cheap beer for only $15/can. 

Location: Hung Hom
Hours: 10am - 1am
Price: 2 ways to count the price, per game or per hour. It's around $100 HK per hour per person. Shoe rental is super cheap $10.

8.Bubble Soccer 
This is like a combination of sorbing and soccer! Girls usually don't enjoy player soccer against guys, but if you have a big bubble around you, tackling is much easier. Plus it's hilarious watching your teammates bounce around on the field!

Location: Tsuen Wan Soccer 360 (or pick your own venue)
Hours: 8am - 1am (you get 2 hrs each session)
     *book at least 2 weeks in advance, check their website for the timetable
Price: $3,000 for 2 hours (usually 5 vs 5, 10 people in total, $300/person)  

9.Escape the room series

Mr.X Escape the room
You can choose from many different themed rooms, and you have 1 hour to escape that room. Different hits are hidden throughout the different rooms, and you definitely need more than 2 people to be able to solve it. So far there aren't many teams that have successfully broke the code to the escape. Are you up to the challenge?

Hours: Not quite sure when it opens, but I know it closes at 10pm
Price: $220 per person (recommended 2-10 people per room)

Another escape type of game, but much more spooky and difficult than the one mentioned above. You have only 45 minutes to complete each rooms, and the themes range from haunted theaters, to creepy museums, and extraterrestrial laboratories. 

Location: 17/F, Golden Hill Commercial Building, No 39-41 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Hours: 1pm – 2:30am
Price: $128-$168 per person, 2-8 people per room


10.Amusement Parks
I'm sure this doesn't need much explaining! I would recommend Disneyland if you are either afraid of roller coasters, or the office is welcoming their staff to bring along kids. Although Ocean Park is kids friendly, the rides are more intense when compared to Disneyland. Ocean park also has a zoo area, and a dolphin show to watch!

Ocean Park
Hours: 10am - 8pm (closing time varies by day/season)
Price: $320/person 

Hours: 9am - 9pm
Price: $450/person 

Junks are unique to Hong Kong and they are so much fun during the summer. This is a perfect option for big offices. Below I've linked the blog post where I've included everything you need to know about junk trips in Hong Kong. You can find companies that rent out boats, food caterers, popular beaches, and also what to bring!

Hours: 10am - 6pm
Price: $500 and up

12.Macau Day trip
And last but not least, a day trip to Macau. You don't necessarily have to gamble, because there are lots of other things to see, like the famous St. Paul ruins, or the fisherman's Wharf. If the office is full of foodies, this is the perfect place, because you will find delicious egg tarts, beef jerky, and amazing Portuguese food.

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