A Complete guide to Junks in Hong Kong

What are junks?
Junks are unique to Hong Kong. It’s an unbelievably spoiled combination of luxury boats, beaches, booze, and exciting water activities. And also an excellent excuse to get drunk during the day time, and show off the beach body you’ve been working hard on all winter and spring. Usually junk trips happen between late May to October. Basically you book a boat for a whole day and sail out to a nice beach and chill on the boat or at the beach.

How to book a boat and food caterer?
I’m not an expert on which junk providers are the best, but here is an excellent article that HK Magazine wrote on the different companies that provide boats/yachts and food: 

Boats depart from the Central Pier or TST Pier, and Saikung Pier see below for the docking locations for different beach destinations.
You can also book speed boats if you would like have fun Water Skiing
Certain boats come with built in slides, banana boats, wakeboards, and kayaks

This depends on a lot of different things, like if you’re booking a basic boat or a luxury yacht, what food caterer you use, how much booze you need, and how many people are attending. But typically per person it will be at the very least HK $500, another HK $200 for food, and then alcohol will depend on how much you drink.

Docking Locations
Each junk provider dock at different beaches, so you might want to do some research beforehand. But some of the more popular beaches that junk boats dock at are: repulse bay, Cheung Chau, Shek O, Deepwater Bay, Stanley Bay, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay)

[ Deep Water Bay ] [ Repulse Bay ] [ Stanley Bay ]
These beaches are the most commercial ones, with lots of restaurants nearby and full facilities like bathrooms, showers, and lots of stores selling beach related products. They are much more crowded than the other ones but easier to access. Most junk providers will sail to these beaches. 

[ Shek O Beach ]
Facilities: 39 BBQ pits, small restaurants and bars
Shek O beach has better facilities but also white sand at the same time so it can be more popular & crowded on the weekends. But this is perfect if you want to get a cocktail or two while people watching

[ Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) ] 
Facilities: 20 BBQ pits, food kiosks, umbrella rental
This one is a bit hard to get to. You can either take the MTR to Choi Hung station and then cab it to Sai Kung, or take a mini bus from Mong Kok/Yau Ma Tei to Sai Kung directly. But once you get to the beach you're greeted with flour like smooth white sand and breathtaking views. 

[ Cheung Chau ]
Good for windsurfing 

Events (Basically excuses to go on a junk)
  • It’s your friend’s birthday
  • June babies junk trip, July birthday girls trip,…. etc
  • Bachelorette/Bachelors party
  • Company outing, team event
  • You just got promoted
  • Independence day – 4th of July!
  • Mid Autumn Festival
  • National Vodka Day, October 4
  • Halloween
  • Some more excuses
  • Some more excuses 

Bring some booze & Snacks
Junk boats usually provide tubs of ice for you to store alcohol, so bringing your own booze is actually not that inconvenient. If every person contributes a bottle of wine/champagne, or a few packs of beer you’ll be good to go! Don’t forget to bring some chips as well.

Bring some awesome music
There's nothing more awkward than scrolling through your iPhone and trying to find a good song that everyone likes. Create a playlist beforehand, or simply play some tunes off of sound cloud! If you can afford it, hire a DJ! Below are just a few of my recommendations for music.

What else to bring

(Photo Credit:

Never underestimate the amount of sunscreen you need. And don't forget to put sunscreen on your face. I can't tell you how many times I came back from a trip to the beach with a burnt nose! This Neutrogena waterproof spray sunscreen is definitely one of the best if your'e going to be in the water and in the sun all day. For girls, BB cream with SPF in it also helps a lot. Here are my top 3 recommendations: Isehan BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++ (Japanese), Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ (Korean), Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen SPF 110 (American). Also don't forget your choice of SPF lip balm! 

To sum up: Sunscreen, SPF makeup, swimwear, change of clothes, towel, comb, and extra hair ties.

Hopefully this blog posts gives you a better idea and helps you prepare for junk trips in Hong Kong! They're definitely one of the best things about living in Hong Kong. Happy summer and happy tanning!

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