Blog 44 (Video) | Quad Biking

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Our team went Quad Biking for our team event! MX Club was established over 15 years ago by a team of motocross racing enthusiasts. Currently they still have competitions and tours around China. The Hong kong course is set up near Sheung Sui Station, and the team is extremely friendly and very easy to communicate with. Below I'll explain the step by steps of how I booked this team event and also tips you need to know before going!

Because they're always busy training in China (bigger racetrack, less regulations), the easiest way to contact the owner Angus is by whatsapp. His number can be found on the bottom of the website. So I confirmed with him the time, amount of people, and he will give us the price per person, depending on how long you play (usually 2-3 hours). You can pick in between morning, early afternoon, or late afternoon. Because Hong Kong is pretty hot, usually the late afternoon 4-6pm is the best pick. For us it was around HK $500 per person. 

They are located near Sheung Sui station, which is one stop from the Shen Zhen border. The address is also in Chinese only and the road to get there is very narrow and some are unpaved. The best way to get there is by booking a minibus for the whole team. We booked a 20 seater minibus from Jubilee ( you can fill in an online form to get a quote, their staff speaks English and are very efficient. Give them the pick up and drop off location details. On the day of you want to print out the address in Chinese so the bus driver can read it, and also bring Angus's number so he can direct the bus driver on where to meet up. 

It's best to wear long jeans and some old t-shirts and shoes that you don't want, because it will get very muddy. Also it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes. 

After getting there, you will first divide into groups who are beginners and people who have biked before. And then you'll get to ride some kiddy bikes for around 10 minutes to warm up. After that they will hand out safety gear for everyone, which includes a helmet, chest pad, elbow pad, knee pads, and optional biker boots if you want. 

They have 3 courses in total. The first one is a small practice course with a circling area to get the hang of the vehicle first. Usually beginners will try quad biking first since it's more stable. The 2 other courses have more steep hills, rocks, and puddles for you to play around with. 

Besides Angus, there are 3 other instructors there to help teach everyone how to ride. If you are comfortable with a quad bike, you can also try a 2 wheel dirt bike on all of these courses. 

It was a very fun experience! All the instructors are super nice and chilled. Angus will also help take some photos and send them to you via whatsapp after the event. Also everyone gets one refreshment after finishing the biking (you can choose from water, vitasoy drinks, and also beer!) 

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