2014 Halloween Costumes Ideas

 Halloween is just around the corner, and while everyone prepares their costumes, these are the representing characters (in my humble opinion) of 2013-2014 that will storm the streets on October 31st this year.

Frozen - Elsa

This movie which came out last winter in 2013 took the world by storm. Guys couldn't bear hearing the song "Let It Go" again. Hands down there will be dozens of Elsa's running around town trick or treating or bar hopping. Girls in all ages will be in this costume.


For the adult crowd, Maleficent will definitely be a popular choice this year. Angelina Jolie brings a whole new personality to this modern twist of the classic Disney villain. This modern Maleficent is not only dark, enchanting, but also playful. The costume itself also isn't that difficult to prepare. You can find these yellow contacts at, and the horns can be purchased online or there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to make them. 

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Hiccup & Astrid

Rarely are there films that successfully launch a sequel that is as good as the first one, and How to Train Your Dragon 2 most certainly touched many people's hearts. While it might be rather hard to dress up as toothless himself, Hiccup and Astrid costumes will be an excellent option. Viking costumes are already common, so putting together one yourself will be pretty easy.



Gardians of the Galaxy - Groot 

Ok, I admit, Groot was just thrown in this list because someone made a impressive Groot costume and the world needs to know. Maybe if you have experience with wood work or can manage to get this person to make you another one, other wise it's best to pick another character. I really hope someone can remake this costume and I can see it in person though.

Hunger games - Katniss

Part 1 of Mocking Jay came out earlier this year, and the hype for Hunger Games continues. There are other famous characters played by Jennifer Lawrence, but this one is by far the easiest to dress up as (definitely easier than Mystique). Besides, while most people are carrying swords and guns, you get to carry around some bad-ass bow & arrows.

Game of Thrones  - Prince Oberyn

And of course we mustn't forget Game of Thrones. Last year's Halloween we've seen a fair share of Khaleesis running around town. This year the costumes must be dedicated to Oberyn. I'm sure a lot of fans share my sadness of what happened to this lovely character. But we will always remember him!



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  2. For the adult crowd, Maleficent will definitely be a popular choice this year. Angelina Jolie ...

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