5 Team Halloween Costumes

Halloween is creeping in, and I'm sure there are still offices & teams still deciding on what theme of costumes you should wear this year. Here are 5 of my favorite group costume ideas, in the order of how hard it is to prepare the costumes. Here we go: 

1. Find Waldo

This one must be the easiest, because all you need is a red beanie and a red & white stripped top (and maybe some hipster thick frame lensless glasses)! If all else fails, find a white top and cover it with red tape.

2. Trophies

This one might look difficult, but you just need some sports wear/bats/balls, gold body paint, and black boxes! This is one of my favorites because it not only shows team spirit but at the same time lets everyone's individual talents shine.

3. Mario Kart

This one will just require a bit more preparation on the costume. But bonus points for the balloons & bike idea! And you can even have the cloud camera guy if you want.

4. Superheros 

Since superhero costumes are commonly sold in most costume stores, this is a simple one to prepare as well. Make sure to decided who is which super hero first so we don't end up getting 2 batmans and 2 supermans. On the other hand, you can also do an all villain version.

Or, just have Loki defeat everyone!

Or better yet, Disney Superheros

5. Every version of Johnny Depp's movies characters

Another really creative idea. But the costumes will probably need more preparation time. I've also seen people do different versions of the same singer, or other actor/actresses.

Hopefully this list gave you and your team more inspiration for your Halloween costumes. Please share any other cool team Halloween costume ideas that you might know of!

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