Top 15 Taiwanese Dishes

If you don't already know, Taiwan is famous for it's delicious food. With thousands of night market stalls you can choose from, you can definitely find something that you'll enjoy. Every year I go back to Taiwan once or twice, and I spend most of my time checking off a list of things I want to eat. So here is a list of my personal 15 favorite dishes that I must have when I visit:

蚵仔麵線: Oyster Noodles

火鍋: Hot Pot (Taiwanese Style)

粽子: Bamboo Rice dumpling

皎白筍: bamboo shoot & Mayo

雞心湯: Chicken Heart Soup

滷肉飯: Pork sauce rice

烤魷魚: Grilled squid

蛤蜊湯Clam soup

烤香腸: Grilled Taiwanese Sausage with Garlic

西米露 Taro Tapioca Pudding

芋圓: Taro Ball dessert

紅豆挫冰: Red bean shaved ice

珍珠奶茶 bubble tea

木瓜牛奶: Papaya Milk

太陽餅 Sun Cake

These are just my personal favorites, and there's obviously still a lot of different delicious dishes to try. I've found a pretty long list of famous Taiwanese dishes and their English name on This Website. You should be able to find most of these dishes in large night markets around Taiwan. So don't forget to try at least one of these items next time you stop by! I guarantee you wont' be disappointed.

Nom Nom Nom...

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