Mandarin Class + Recent Update

I know, since the last blog post it's been 3 months or so. The past 3 months has been pretty insane, both in a good and bad way. It has been a pretty emotional time, filled with happiness, uncertainty, gratitude, frustration, defeat, and relief.  

There have been moments where I've doubted myself, moments when I needed to just take a time out and let my tears run silently, and moments when pinterest was the biggest source of comfort where quotes like these kept me sane: 

 Mandarin Class & Translation

These two "projects" were the most difficult. It's been 3 months of late nights staying up to 1am to prepare class materials and weekends spent on video recording. I've never been so appreciative of teachers in my life, and I've probably never delivered anything in such a short amount of time. From curriculum design within 48hrs to weekly 4 hours class worth of powerpoint/homework/quizzes. I had no time for myself, my family, or for any relationships. At one point I was back in Taiwan, back for Chinese New Year the first time in 5 years, and I was working on designing the 8 page midterm exam. I was emotionally and physically defeated. 

As of today, we are counting down just a little over a week to the official certification exam date (HSK 1). There will be 5 non-chinese (or Gwailo / Lao Wai) that will be passing this exam. That alone makes it all worth it, and is where my strength to push on comes from. Learning a foreign language isn't easy, especially if your mother tongue is English and you are learning Chinese. 

Translation was another side project that I took on, which lasted for around 2 weeks straight of work. It was a total of 1000+ sentences, around 9000 words. Although there were a lot of repeated phrases, and there was a program that helped the process, the biggest fear was not being able to deliver on time. Not to mention this was going on at the same time as Mandarin classes. Nonetheless mission impossible is complete, and I have no idea how that was possible.

Family, friendship, and romantic relationships. I think we all need a healthy dose of these different types of relationships, and it can be an intricate balance that you have to manage closely. 

Good thing that my relationships with my family has always been a very tight bond despite the fact that I've been wandering the world for quite some time. Because I have very liberal parents, they are really supportive. It's their unconditional love that will always calm me down. I know I can ring them up anytime for a 1 hour call, and they will listen to whatever I have to say. And there has definitely been plenty of calls throughout the past 3 months when I felt like everything was going to just break me.

The friendship aspect is what has been the most difficult for me. I get along with most people, and because of my mix cultural background I can easily build rapport with people of different culture. But also because of that, it's not easy for me to have a deep bond with people. I'm sure if you're someone that has traveled and lived in very different cities and cross continents, you will get what I mean. Like minded individuals are hard to come across. I guess this is just something I need to work extra hard on. Like growing a plant, relationships need to be nurtured with patience.

Romantic relationships have been the one type of relationships that I've been giving and overwhelmingly unfair amount of attention to. Regardless of that I still feel like I'm walking in fog. There are still a lot of things that I don't know and I don't understand. I guess before you know who you are, it will be difficult. I'm still learning who I am and still molding into the person I want to be. The best thing I can do now is to cultivate character and personality, and just continue to grow as a person. One day I will bring enough and the right qualities to the table, which will naturally attract the type of people I want into my life.

And if it ever gets difficult, Pinterest quotes will always help. 

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