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Summer is here! Well, for HK it's probably been here since April and will last till October. But you haven't celebrated summer until you've joined a pool party, or better yet a junk boat party. Plenty have already passed, like last week's Jack Wills pool party at the Crown Plaza. There's good music, beer, cocktails, sunshine, and a pool to dip in all day, what's a better way to spend your Saturday? 

Jack Wills Pool Party @ Crown Plaza (Past Event)

There are still lots of events to come up till late September, and below I've made a list of the events with the details included:

SPLASH Vol.12 @ Hard Rock Macau
July 11 (Saturday)

Time: 3:30pm - 11:30pm
Tickets: $480

Shock Wave @ W Hotel WET Pool
Jul 18th, Aug 1st, Aug 22nd (Saturday)

Time: 8pm till late
Tickets: $400 online, $500 at door

Beatship #2 - Cruise Ship Overnight Party

July 18th 6pm - July 19th 8am
Ticket pricing: $380 (Standing) 
$800 (Window Cabin)
$1200 (Balcony)

Sails out from Ocean Terminal

Bump on the Ocean - Jungle Jane Junk

July 18 10am - 6pm
Central Pier 9

Tickets: $650 - $700 

Poolzilla & Boatzilla by Gweilo Concepts

Gweilo Concepts is an events group run by a team of expats.They generally hold 2 pool parties and 2 boat parties each summer. The first boat party already happened in late April, but the other 3 pool/boat parties should be happening between now and September. Tickets usually sell out really quickly, so you want to follow their facebook page to get the latest updates on their events  


Some pools will provide lockers for you to keep your stuff in, but it's always limited. Show up at events dressed to avoid long changing lines at the bathroom. And bring as little as you need, because you'll most likely lose it, or someone else will take it. Guarantee your big towel will be use by someone else who either doesn't give a sh*t who's it is or is simply too drunk to notice. You'll probably only need your sunglasses, a bottle of sunscreen, and all of your cash/ID/credit cards/phone inside a waterproof pouch. 

Do you know of any other summer parties happening in HK? Share them in the comments section below!

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