Cape Town Day 3 (Vlog) | Green Market Square

On the third day we went to a breakfast place near our hotel called “Knead”. It’s a bakery like place that serves breakfast food and normal lunch and dinner dishes. Besides an indoor area they also have the outdoor seating area where you can see Table Mountain in the distance. They are a chain of restaurants that have several locations throughout Cape Town, but all of their stores are designed really well. When you sit down inside, it feels really friendly and homey. Even though it’s a chain store it feels like a local bakery that your neighbor opened. On their menu there’s sandwiches, salads, pizzas, all day breakfasts, omelets, burgers and hot dogs. I opt for French toast and a Nutella hot chocolate! I’m a huge fan of Nutella, but seeing it one the menu in a hot chocolate for is a first!

Knead all day menu: 

List of Knead stores:

After a healthy breakfast, we walked to Green Market Square. I don’t even remember how we got there, we just walked through a lot of different parks. One with an open area and a statue in the middle, another was just a small path with trees on both sides, and on the way there were some old European style buildings. I just realized how much I missed nature after living in HK for more than a year. South Africa really reminds me of the US in a lot of ways. And the smell of green grass and crisp air mixed with the smell of pine when walking through that path full of trees. Green Market Square is this small outdoor market place with a lot of small stalls selling traditional African goods, like leather goods, animal skin goods, wood & stone carvings.. etc On all four sides of the square area were 4 buildings, one of them being a hotel but I’m not quite sure what the other 3 are. In the middle of the square, there was a teenager band playing trumpets, trombones, and drums. They weren’t the best at playing, but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and dancing as they played. That’s the vibe I’ve got from South Africa: people enjoy themselves and are happy with the smallest things in life. It’s such an easy thing to forget when you get wound up in all the “First World Problems” you face when living in big cities.

We decided to have a really chilled day, so then we called an Uber to go to Canal Walk.

Let’s talk about Uber first. If you don’t know yet, it’s a taxi-calling app. You first choose the grade of car you want to be picked up in, uber x (cheap one), uber XL (vans), uber black (high end: Mercedes, BMW, Audi). This differs depending on the country you are in. There’s also Uber chopper in South Africa. You then drop a pin on the map of where you are (and where you’re going to make it easier for the driver), and then the closest cab will pick up your request. The map will show where they are and how many minutes they are away. If it’s a really busy time, for example peak hours or during weekends and holidays, the rate will be more than normal. So just before you hit request, it will confirm with you “The current rate is 2x or 3x, are you sure? If not would you like us to notify you once the rate drops down to normal?” The max they can go is 4.75x of normal rates. Once the request is confirmed, you’ll see the driver’s picture, name, type of car, and their license plate so when they drive up you can recognize them. A good thing about Uber is that you rate each other, you can rate the driver and the driver will rate you. Which is why Uber drivers are usually really friendly. And since you enter your credit card info when you first get the app, you don’t need to have cash or your credit card, the app will just automatically charge your card once the journey is finished. This is a big benefit in Cape Town because all the local cab drivers try to rip you off by claiming they don’t have change for your big note and then you’ll just have to not get change back or find a place to break the note for change. Since we got our phone service on day 2, Uber was the only cab we used. We also met a lot of taxi drivers from other African countries like Congo, Zimbabwe, and Uganda. They were all extremely friendly. 

Canal Walk is the biggest mall in Cape Town, and the 3rd largest mall in Africa. There are over 400 stores across 141,000 square meter (or 1.52 million square ft). I was there to hunt for a small cross body bag that could at least fit sun screen and my phone and wallet. Across body bag is also much easier when you’re running around trying to take pictures, you don’t need to always take off your bag when you need something like a back pack, and you won’t need to put down the back first to free your hands like a normal tote bag (someone could easily snatch a tote bag as well). Edgars is the equivalent of a Macy’s or Nordstrom in the US where it’s a department store with open area and lots of different brands in there. I found an Aldo Bag about half an A4 size and was only $499 Rand. When it comes to casual clothing, Cotton On is the major brand in South Africa. Their sub-brand Typo is their stationary and accessories store. Canal Walk has a huge stand alone Typo will a lot of products I’ve never seen before! Including this note pad titled “Today’s Rant”, and a few columns to fill in like “starring” and the person or pet, and then “Level of Annoyance”. There’s just a lot of creative and funky items in Typo. As weird as it feels, it’s warm in Cape Town, but people are still enjoying Christmas. So in this big area inside of the mall there was a giant Christmas tree and then a bobsled slide for kids to go on. There were some funny kids, screaming like their life was going to end, and others that just had no expression on their face.

For lunch we went to Cape Town Fish Market. I had some oysters, and then ordered this traditional African dish called a Potjiekos. It was kind of like curry where you get rice and then this pot of sauce. The sauce had muscles in it and some potatoes, and was a bit spicy. I ended up having to order a glass of milk to counter it. After getting back to the hotel, jet lag hit again. I napped till 9pm, managed to get up and have some room service food, and then went back to bed again.

Next time we’re going to Camps Bay and playing some mini golf. 

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