Cape Town Day 12 (Vlog) | Last Day & Miniature Movie

Last day in Cape Town was a very relaxing day full of shopping for souvenirs around the Waterfront. Most of the souvenirs are animal related actually. To name a few, you can buy: porcupine quill, animal skin cut outs that are made into key chains, springbok skin bags, and then there was this really cool wood-carved chess set that was full of animal pieces including the Big 5.

Concluding the trip, we went to Belthazar one last time before we had to say bye to the most amazing steak in the world, as well as the most amazing sweet potato fries in the world. It's sad that from now on, no matter what kind of steak I eat, it will be mediocre compared to South African steak.

I've already wrote 12 really long blogs about how amazing South Africa is, so I'm sure there is no need for summary. But the biggest takeaway is that you can't truly understand what South Africa is like until you are actually there in person. All the videos and words are an understatement. You just have to go and see it for yourself. The 12hr flight is worth it! 

I hope this series of Cape Town blogs have helped you understand Cape Town more, now GO BUY THAT PLANE TICKET!!

Thanks to my camera's miniature mode, I was able to take some short clips of different places in Cape Town, click on the image below to watch the video:

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