The Trans-Siberian Cost Breakdown

My trip started with a flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, then a train from Moscow to Hong Kong (via Mongolia and China). I was taking 2nd class and 1st class trains. The hotels I booked were 3-4 star hotels with breakfast included. The most expensive items were tours, but because some place are hard to get to without a car so that’s why I choose to book tours. Because of the recent drop in value of the Rub, everything is relatively 50% cheaper, which is what made this trip possible within a reasonable price range. Beijing was by far the most expensive out of all the cities I went to.

Average daily (14 days) HK $1,100 or US $144

To give you an idea of how much things cost in Russia:
  • Airport express to Moscow city Center: 470 rub
  • SIM card from Megaphone: 2,000 rub (1,000 min and 7GB LTE data)
  • Moscow subway: 50 per ride
  • Trams: 15 rub
  • Taxis: 250 – 500 rub
  • Museum entrance fees in Russia range from 100-700 rub
  • Tour: Dog Sledding (3,500) +Driver (5,000) = 8,500 rub
  • Tour: Yekaterinburg drive to Europe and Asia boarder 1,200 rub
  • Tour: Circum Baikal Railway hike 5,400 rub
  • Meals are usually less than 700 rub
  • Groceries 360 rub (cup noodles, chocolate, cashew, Pringles, beer, dried banana, juice)
Cost in Mongolia
  • Taxi ride from railway station to city center: 5,000 - 10,000 MNT
  • Museum entry: 8,000 MNT
  • Museum photo taking permit: 10,000 MNT
  • A book in English: 14,000 MNT
  • Gadan Monastery ticket: 4,000 MNT
  • Average meals: 10,000 MNT - 20,000 MNT
Cost in Beijing
  • Metro: 10 RMB per ride
  • Yunghe Temple entry: 25 RMB
  • Bubble Tea: 10 RMB
  • Hot Dog: 3 RMB
  • Old Summer Palace Entry: 10 RMB + Ruins Entry 15 RMB
  • Cup noodle, toast, soft drink: 16 RMB

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