The ledge on the Canal in Venice (Instagram location)

Before going to Venice, I keep seeing this one photo all over Instagram - the iconic ledge on a narrow canal in Venice. I googled and raided instagram posts, but could not find anyone saying where it is. In fact, some people claim that they "stumbled upon" this nice little place. Trust me, it is not a place you stumble upon (you lying ..... never mind. I prefer honest captions, that's all). It is inside an alley way, and then another turn left, and then hidden behind a building, so it is not in plain sight. 

While I was in Venice, I kept looking for the ledge. I noticed that bridges in Venice have different patterns, so I started with that. I showed my Gondola driver, but he was like "there are more than 400 bridges in Venice!" 

Detective Ariel, continues further, revisiting the clues in all of these other instagram shots. Then, the clue came, in a photo by Leonie Hanne (Ohhcouture) where she's on a Gondola, she is passing that exact bridge (but from the other side). The stone part of the bridge had some writing on it, so I started googling bridge and street names. But unfortunately that was a dead end. Then there was a name of a cafe to the right with letters "CC" on it, and that was the key to finding this ledge. 

It is around the corner of Hotel San Moise, or right where Bauer Hotels is at. 
The narrow street leads to the canal and the ledge is just on the left. 

As for my takeaway pizza, I got it from Ristorante Alla Borsa which is just the next narrow street down. They also sell wine and beer for takeaway. I didn't have a bottle opener, so I ended up in a stationary shop that sold Venetian looking stuff and they had a bottle opener. That will be a souvenir full of memories till I'm old!

So there you go, mystery solved. You can thank me by sharing this blog post or tag your friend on my instagram post of this photo to let them know where to find it. 

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