5 Places to visit in Taichung

Taichung is one of the places I grew up in, the other being Iowa. No one can ever guess I'm from because these places are not so well known. The years I spent in Taiwan, I was either too young to remember much, or I was too busy studying. I never got to know my city before I left at the age of 17.  

Now I'm back, for the longest time in 11 years. I stayed around 3 weeks because I was still on my maternity leave, and to also spend time with family back home. With more time on my hands, I finally was able to explore around. I didn't realize there are so many great places to see in my city. If you find yourself in Taichung, here are some places you can visit:

For the shopaholic: Mitsui Outlet Park  
This new outlet opened just end of last year in Dec 2018. Mitsui Outlet originates from Japan and they are famous for outlet park locations by the ocean with both indoor and outdoor shops, and a lot of them also with ferris wheels. This particular outlet also carries a lot of brands from Japan and is incredibly family friendly. 

There are private breastfeeding rooms and really nice changing stations with hot water for those who need to make formula. 

For those who have a sweet tooth (2 locations) 

Dessert Hyva 

Totally not biased because my middle school classmate owns this dessert place. But really, her cakes are amazing, not are they aesthetically creative, the taste is also very unique. She trained in France and handmakes these cakes each day, with new designs coming out all the time. You can check their instagram page on what is available on the day of to make sure you don't miss out on the cake you want!

KAKA Patisserie

This place is great for afternoon tea. They carry bite size French pastries as well as an assortment of teas and coffees. It's a small and quiet place, but it fills up quickly, so I'd suggest to go early afternoon right after lunch time to avoid the crowds. 

For the arts lover: National Taichung Theater 
There's not only stage theater, but also symphonies, operas, ballets, and all kind of performances here. On top of that, even if you aren't here for a performance, the main halls has exhibitions, small shops and cafes to sit at for you to reconnect with your inner artist. 

This place was just being built when I left, I'm so glad I was able to come back and visit! It's become a landmark of the city.  

For the movie lover: Totoro Bus Stop & Platform 9 3/4
We'll get to the Totoro bus stop later. But wait, what? There's a Platform 9 3/4? You no longer have to fly all the way to London for that, because you can find it directly to the left of the Taichung Totoro Bus Stop. Maybe it takes you to the Asian branch of Hogwarts? 

The Totoro bus stop just brings back so many childhood memories, and I love the fact that he is actually holding this blown up umbrella! But I waited for a while and didn't see the cat bus coming. That would really complete the Ghibli fantasy! 

Are there any interesting places in the city where you're from? 

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