Autumn in Tokyo | Where to Find Maple and Ginkgo

紅葉 もみじ 
/ Momiji /
Maple leaves 

I previously wrote about where to see autumn leaves in Kyoto (link here). This year I’m finally in Tokyo for the first time in Autumn. Keep in mind that Tokyo is warmer than the surrounding suburb, so while you may see foliage around 3rd week of November in Fuji Kawaguchiko, you won’t see it until early December in city center Tokyo. Here are 3 main places with beautiful maple foliage from late November to early December. 

| Rikugien |

Station: Komagome Station 
Hours: 9am – 9pm (Sunset is around 4:30pm) 
Autumn leaves: 11/20 – 12/12 (2019, check for different schedules each year) 
Spring Cherry Blossoms: 3/19 – 4/1 (2020) 

I believe this is the only place in Tokyo inner city where you can see a night light up view of autumn leaves. I’ve also already blogged about this place for viewing Cherry Blossoms at night. They do have a few trees, but I would say it’s not the most spectacular of places. This place is a good option if you are in a hurry and can only stay within the city. 

| Gotokuji |

Station: Miyanosaka or Gotokuji Station 
Hours: 8am – 4:30pm 
Cherry blossoms End of March to early April 
Autumn leaves Late November to early December 

I always go to Gotokuji whenever I’m in Tokyo, and it is especially pretty in Autumn. This year I finally got to see it for the first time and wow do they have a beautiful bloom. The whole temple is filled with maple leaves brightly colored in orange. There are also trees right behind the iconic original lucky cats. It was not so crowded since this place is still outside of the city, so I wouldn’t worry too much about having to come here super early to get a photo. 

| Hibiya Park |

Station: Hibiya Station 
Bonus: Godzilla statue 
Hours: 24 hours
Go early to mid December for Gingko and Maple 

I happened to past by this place on our way back into Tokyo, and I never thought to go to Hibiya park. So many places put the Shinjuku Gyoen (National park) on the list of maples but that place is underwhelming compared to Hibiya Park. The thing is, the trees are tucked inside the park, some Chinese tourists made a few steps in, didn’t see trees and left. There are plenty of very large and beautiful Gingko trees around a 5-10min walk towards the center of the park. There’s also a little pond with a wooden bridge with maple leaves all around it. 

Bonus: near the North East entrance of Hibiya park is a Godzilla statue you can also check out. 

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