Pumpkin Patch in Shanghai | Cooperland 多事之丘

So, the white girl in me has been dying for a pumpkin patch. I haven’t seen one in years! Well, it doesn’t help that I’ve been living in Singapore and Hong Kong previously. But I found the closest thing to it in Shanghai! 
This café called “Cooperland” is tucked away in a compound just right by IAPM mall. You’d never run into it on accident, I had to deliberately search for pumpkin and scroll through a Chinese review app  (Dazhong Dianping) to find it. 

Their pumpkin patch display will be from September 19 - December 7, 2020.

Reservations are required, and they only do set menus. Here’s how you can get in:
  • Step 1: Follow Cooperland on Wechat, you have to search for “多事之丘工作室” (Pinyin: Duoshi Zhiqiu Gongzuoshi)
  • Step 2: An auto message will pop up with a reservation phone number. When I did it, the contact person was called Joyce. You can message her for a time between 10am – 7pm

I went on a Tuesday morning at 10am. I added Joyce in the morning around 9am and messaged her at 9:30am and there was no issues getting in at 10am since it’s a working day. Joyce will also send you steps on how to get to the café since it is very well hidden.

How to get there:
  • Go to Fuxingzhong Lu and Shanxinan Lu intersection. The entrance to the compound looks like this (note the tree on the left side. It’s right on one of the corners of the intersection)
  • After entering the compound, stick to the right hand side and walk to the end, the black gate will be on the left side.

You’ll notice their resident orange cat meowing loudly when you get in. There’s also tons of outdoor and indoor seats so it’ll be perfect on a sunny afternoon. I only noticed the menu in Chinese, but they do have an ipad with photos of the different cakes. The pricing of the set (79 vs 89 rmb) depends on what type of cake you get. I got 青柚之丘 which is the one with the dried orange on top, super delicious.

For the drink I got the pumpkin latte 南瓜拿铁. There’s also teas or sodas if you’re not into coffee! 

You can sit there for as long as you want, take pictures anywhere you want. The only thing to note is that business photography is not allowed. So they might stop you from taking photos with a DSLR camera, so just use your phone for photos.

Happy Autumn!

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