Where to find Plum and Cherry Blossoms in February | Tokyo

Starting around mid-February, the flowers in Tokyo start to bloom. And the two major type of flowers in bloom are the Plum Blossoms and Kawazu Cherry Blossoms. These flowers last longer than the Cherry blossoms that bloom Mid-late March so they are easier to catch if you are booking a trip in advance and flying in from overseas. 

If you live in Japan, good news is I've included several places that aren't so well known and rarely mentioned in guidebooks but are absolutely beautiful. Please do bookmark them on google maps and hope you'll be able to catch some flowers during your visit! 

I'll also be rating the crowdedness from low, medium, to high. 

  • High means you'll be frustrated trying to get a photo even on weekdays so you should visit before 9am. 
  • Medium means there's some crowds but not so unpleasant that you can't enjoy yourselves, weekdays is preferable. 
  • Low means you can go anytime and there won't be tons of people. 

Plum Blossoms

Yushima Tenjin 湯島天神

This Shrine is in near Ueno area, and they have a Plum festival. You can also find plum Omamori (luck charms) during this limited period. This Shrine is one that brings luck for studies so a lot of students visit it to hope for good luck on their exams. 

Crowdedness: Medium


Kameido Tenjin 亀戸天神

This is near Kinshicho which is south of Tokyo Skytree. They have quite a lot of plum trees ranging from white, light pink, and dark pink so it is really popular. There's also several beautiful bridges. One thing I also love is that they have phone stands for you do set a timer and take a family shot, so you don't need to bring a tripod for that! 

Crowdness: Medium



Ushi Tenjin 牛天神

This is in Iidabashi and is a smaller temple, but also has plums of different colors and it's nice and quiet. They also have limited time only plum Omamori and with a purchase of any Omamori they will give you a free seal and plum as souvenir. 

Crowdedness: Low



Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

Ebara Shrine 荏原神社

Venture south to Shinagawa area and you'll find this quiet small shrine on the banks of a river with a beautiful Kawazu Sakura tree. Since it's not too crowded, you can go during sunset/golden hour to catch some beautiful shots. 

Crowdedness: low


Matsuchiyama Shoten 待乳山聖天

Just north of Asakusa Sensoji, you can find this quiet Buddhist temple which is actually an extension of Sensoji. This temple is on a hill so it even has its own gondola from the parking lot up to the temple. To the right side of the temple office, there is a small walkway with an amazing view of Tokyo Skytree and it leads down to their traditional Japanese garden. A single Kawazu Sakura tree stands in the garden.

Crowdedness: low


Kyu Nakagawa River 旧中川河津桜

This location is very far east. It's further than Tokyo Skytree so will most likely take a long time to get to unless you live in that area. This location is very very popular with the locals, so even on a weekday it attracts a lot of people. There's a long row of Kawazu Sakura trees on the bank of a river and Tokyo Skytree as well as a train line running in the background. If you'd like a good photo, you'd want to arrive before 8am.

Crowdedness: High


Yoyogi Park 代々木公園

It's hard to miss Yoyogi park and it's easy to get to. The Kawazu Sakura here is closest to the Harajuku entrance right next to Meji Jingu. There are several trees there and this is also a very popular location for the locals. However since the trees are all bunched up closely, and they grow low, it's easy to get between the flowers for a good shot. 

Crowdedness: high 


Sakura Jingu 桜神宮

This Shrine has become very popular in the recent years amongst the locals. It is also easily accessible, only 4 stops away from Shibuya station. (Sakurashin Machi Station) There are 2 large Kawazu Sakura trees framing the temple main building, and they also have a special seasonal Sakura Shuin (Temple seal) written in gold ink and stamped with pink flower patterns. Also they have Sakura Ema (wooden plaques to write wishes). The special Omikuji (fortune) also come in a few pretty pink colors! It can be crowded on weekends, however it's a relatively smaller crowd for the size of the temple. And all of the souvenir items you can buy from the temple is well worth it! 

Crowdedness: Medium



But what if I missed the timing for the flowers?

Shitaya Shrine 下谷神社

This is a small Shrine near Ueno, and they are known for their Chozuya (hand washing/purifying basin) which is always filled with beautiful fresh flowers, and they change depending on the season. So you can always bank on this place having flowers. It also has an Inari Shrine with a small row of red Tori gates, and fox Omikujis. 

Crowdedness: Low



Sakura Post Box in Komagome 駒込駅

Did you know there is a Cherry Blossom Post Box? I did a little research and there are several in Japan and this is the on in Tokyo! It's easily accessible on the JR Yamanote Line at the North Entrance of Komagome Station. You can send a postcard to loved ones and let them know it was dropped in this special post box!

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