4 Must See Beautiful Parks and Gardens | Tokyo Weekend Trips

The weather is amazing, the flowers are blooming, and you'd like to take a breath and enjoy time off in nature. With state of emergency in effect again, there are many parks and gardens within Tokyo closed. But not to worry, below are 4 beautiful locations where it's spacious or quiet enough for you to enjoy it safely. I've also paired in kid friendly options in case you're a parent looking for something to do to occupy the little ones over the long holiday. 

Satoyama Gaden + Zoo
  • Yokohama area
  • Free entry (March 27 - May 9)
  • Hours: 9:30am - 4:30pm
  • Specialty flowers: Tulips, Lupins, daisies and 100+ more. Has a forest walk.
  • Station: Nakayama + bus ride (Check google maps for schedule)
  • Link to Garden Map: http://www.satoyama-garden.jp/map/
This is a garden which is a part of the Yokohama Pearl Necklace event displaying beautiful flowers around Yokohama. It not only has a beautiful hill side of flowers, it also has a small forest path. It’s perfect for a walk even for the little ones. There are also benches on the side to sit down on and picture signs for you to learn about the flowers.

Please note if you enter from the east entrance, it is an unpaved forest path so it is not stroller friendly. If you are able to though, I highly recommend entering from the east entrance because it's way less crowded and the walk through the forest is really nice. There's also a row of yellow rapeseed flowers (Nanohana) outside the east entrance. 

After you've finished at Satoyama Garden, head next door to Zoorasia (Yokohama Municipal zoo). There should be a free shuttle bus from the main entrance of the Garden to the zoo. Horse riding and guinea pig petting is available again at the zoo, however in-advance reservations are required to enter. 

You can read more in English on the website linked here: http://www.hama-midorinokyokai.or.jp/zoo/zoorasia/details/97.php 



Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park 国営武蔵丘陵森林公園
  • Saitama
  • ¥450/adult
  • Specialty flowers: Poppy, Lupins, Bluebell, Nemophila. Has forest walk
  • Station: Shinrin Koen + short bus ride
Though far, this national park has a lot to offer. It is the size of 65 Tokyo Domes so it is a very large area, covered by forests, very large flower patches, and different activity zones (think outdoor trampoline, kid’s playgrounds and bbq space)

There is a bus that runs through the park if you get tired from walking. If your little one isn’t able to walk for a long time, I would suggest to bring a stroller. The park is mostly covered in hills but is stroller friendly. You can also rent bicycles to speed up going from  point to point within the park.

About the bus ride from Shinrin-Koen station to the park. The bus stop is outside the station exit just on the left. It will be easy to spot since that’s where everyone is lining up. The bus stops at both the south and west exits of the park.

Website english directions on taking the bus: https://www.shinrinkoen.jp/en/ 

Suggested route: take the bus to the park’s south exit and start there. Why? There’s less people starting from the south exit and it will take you first to the very large poppy field. After the poppy field, make your way towards the west exit but visit the Lupins first. On the way to Lupins, you will see a bluebell hill just on the left right before getting to the Lupin forest. After the Lupins, turn back towards west exit and you’ll end up at the Nemophila field.


Golden week special notice: there will be extra busses running between the train station and the park during golden week. Between 4/29 ~ 5/5 the sale of alcohol will stop and bringing alcohol into the park is prohibited. There are no changes or limitations in entry during golden week. The only facility requiring lining-up (100 tickets per half an hour limit) is the bouncy trampoline mountain, and only kids under middle school can use it during golden week. The playgrounds are also open for the little ones to enjoy. 



Chiba city flower of museum art  (花の美術館) 
+ Mitsui Outlet Park
  • Chiba
  • Specialty flowers: Lupins, poppy, nemophila, Hydrangea, Roses
  • Free to see spring flowers. ¥300 for greenhouse entry
  • Station: Inagekaigan/Keisei Inage/Inage + 10min bus ride
Though the hours say 9:30am as the opening time, the flowers on the lawn area (Lupins, Nemophila, poppy) are free to see before opening! I was there around 9:20am and there was no one. But as soon as it was 9:30am, others started coming in and the gardeners were also working on the flower patches so it’s difficult to get photos. I’d suggest to arrive no later than 9:15am.

The green house is a paid area a small display of hydrangea flowers and orchids. There are also some outdoor and small terrace gardens on the second floor. If you are visiting later in May, then their rose garden should also be open.

After visiting the flower museum, you can either head further towards the coast and go to  Inage Seaside Park, or head over to Mitsui outlet Park Makuhari (Hours: 10am - 8pm) for some shopping and lunch! It’s only two stops away on the train line. You can expect the popular brands such as Coach, Furla, Kate Spade and Michael Kors there. There are also some Japanese brands such as Snidel, Nice Claup, Onitsuka Tiger, and Oriental traffic. I'd also highly recommend to check out the Franc Franc Bazar if you're looking for some home and lifestyle  products. There's also a large Gap store that's excellent for kid's clothes. 

Outlet official website in english: https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/mop/makuhari/english/

(Baby stroller shopping carts available at the outlet)

Yokohama English Garden
  • Station: Yokohama + 20min walk
  • ¥400/adult
  • Specialty flowers: roses
  • Station: Yokohama station
This is a quaint garden specializing in roses. Though I saw that, they also have nemophila, poppy and other flowers throughout the garden. You won’t find a large field, but you’ll find beautiful garden paths and rose covered arches. There’s even a Union Jack patterned bench!

At the end of the garden tour, you’ll see potted roses available for purchase. There’s also a small shop selling all kinds of rose printed goods and gardening tools. Check out the small accessories as well as the flower patterned clear umbrellas! And finally you can stop at their garden cafe for a bite.

*I went there in their early Spring event. The walkway display has now changed. But I can confirm there are several rose arches (red and white) on display currently. 



I don't have anything to pair with this Garden because you'll be close to Yokohama city center so anything is within your access! I've written a guide about a day trip to Yokohama a few months ago. Archer had so much fun at the free Keikyu museum learning about trains and busses. At the Marine walk area there's lots of shops as well but our favorite is "Yokohama World Porters" and their Hamleys. It has tons of Gacha Gacha machines, arcade games, and small indoor rides for kids. Please click here to read the Yokohama day trip with a toddler guide. 

I hope you've found the information in this blog post useful! Please safely enjoy the holidays and the lovely spring weather. 

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