Hotel Gajoen | Hyakudan Kaidan Exhibition

A few minutes walk from Meguro station is Hotel Gajoen. It was originally built in 1935, and the original 3-storey traditional building is still kept as it. Though the rooms aren't being used to host guests, they've turned it into an exhibition space. The space, named Hyakudan Kaidan, means the 100-step staircase. You walk up a total of 100 steps to reach the top floor. A total of 7 rooms display the current exhibition called "Wa no akari" 和のあかり (Japanese light). You'll find many different kinds of lanterns, wind chimes, pottery, paintings, all displayed in a light up. 

Out of all of them, my favorite rooms are the kimono with traditional paper umbrella display on the bottom floor, and the goldfish lanterns (Kingyo Chochin) on the top floor. 




Details on the 和のあかり (Wa no akari) exhibition:
  • Dates: July 3rd - Sep 26, 2021
  • Hours: 11:30am - 4:30pm 
  • Tickets: ¥1,200/person, 25pax limit per hr, online ticket in-advance required via official site here

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