Goto Islands | Where is it, and a 3-day Itinerary

If you are looking for a lesser-known place in Japan with a lot of nature, Goto is the perfect place for you. It is part of Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu, and is the last place for the sun to set on Kyushu area in Japan. Besides from activities such as hiking, cycling, or sports in the ocean, you can also learn about the history by visiting its many churches, shrines, and temples. Overall it’s a balanced and relaxed getaway option to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city. 


I will be focusing on the largest island, Fukue Island, in this series. 


How to get to Goto

There are 2 ways to get there:

1) By plane (30mins): you can fly via Nagasaki airport or Fukuoka airport 

2) Jetfoil highspeed boat (1.5hr): from Nagasaki to Fukue port 

3) Ferry (3hrs): from Nagasaki to Fukue port

4) Ferry (8hrs): from Hakata to Fukue port 


Photo from Discover Nagasaki 


Where to stay in Goto

There are a wide range of accommodations to choose from, all of which gets you close to the nature that Goto Islands have to offer. Here are 3 excellent accommodation choices for your trip:


1) Ocean views right from your private balcony: Colorit Goto Islands

Newly opened in late 2022, Colorit Goto Islands provides a relaxing atmosphere for those who love the sea. Walking into the lobby and restaurant area, you are greeted by a gorgeous floor to ceiling view of the Ohama beach front. A limited amount of rooms are situated at the ocean front so you can wake up to the gorgeous blue green view of the ocean and sky. 

Colorit Goto Islands is suitable for small groups of up to 3 guests (2 adults and 1 Child) For those in bigger groups, there is one option called the "Maisonette Wide Terrace" (メゾネットワイドテラス) which will fit 5 people. 





2) Glamping under the starry sky: Nordisk Village

Nordisk Village was built on the grounds of a former elementary school. The main building was renovated to various types of spacious rooms. Outside on the lawn are many tents and BBQ spaces. 

Nordisk Village is suitable for small groups of up to 3 guests




3) BBQ by the ocean: Meguri Megurasu  

If you are traveling in a larger group, Meguri Megurasu is your best choice. It's a cabin with a full kitchen, dining, 2 showers, 2 baths, and 6 rooms, accommodating up to 8 guests at a time. The large front deck is perfect for BBQ while you look at the ocean. Just next door is the Goto Gin distillery. This craft Gin is carefully designed and often sold out as soon as a new batch is made. 

Meguri Megurasu is suitable for large groups up to 8 pax.




Taste of Goto


Being an island rich of nature and right by the ocean, Goto has a lot of offer to your tastebuds. One of the best ways to enjoy is to purchase from local shops and have a BBQ. 


And you can’t miss Goto beef. Mochizuki is a restaurant that is right in the heart of Fukue city, and they serve Goto beef sizzling on a hot plate. 


You might notice in some shops and restaurants, there is Goto Beer. It can be recognized by “Baramon” on the label. Baramon is an icon of Goto Islands. It comes from the Goto dialect of “baraka” which means lively and energetic. The beer is a refreshing one after some activities outdoors.  



If you are looking for a variety of food, try “New Pandora”.  It is just nearby Osezaki Lighthouse on the very west side of the island. They especially have a lot of seafood, but they also have noodle based dishes and hot pots. Grab a bite here after watching the sunset near Osezaki Lighthouse. 



Sightseeing in Goto 


There are quite a lot of beaches in Goto, most of which provide a place to shower so remember to bring your swimwear. Here are list of some of the beautiful beaches you can go to:

  • Takahama Beach 高浜海水浴場
  • Tontomari Beach 頓泊海水浴場
  • Kojushi Beach 香珠子海水浴場
  • Hantomari Beach半泊ビーチ
  • Takasaki Beach 高崎ビーチ



The history of Goto is also quite interesting, with a mixture of Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity. It's a melting pot of religions. I will dive into this in more detail in the second blog post. 


Also, don’t forget that Goto Islands was ruled under the shogunate, and there were lots of samurai residing there. Some historical part still remains today, such as Fukue Castle and Bukeyashiki street. These will also be covered in the blog post to come, stay tuned! 

<<Below is a map of all the locations mentioned in this blog post>>

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