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Being overshadowed by the capital city of Tokyo just next door, Saitama prefecture is often overlooked. However, it is home to many wonderful craftsmen that keep previous traditional crafts alive, one of them being Tadayasu’s Armor.

The history of Japanese armor dates all the way back to the 4th century. The elaborate pieces of armor takes months to make and is made up of metal, leather, lace, fabric, and a lot of intricate elements. Though hundreds of years have passed, the craftsmanship of Japanese armor is still being passed on through generations.

As there are no combat use for these armor, many are now being made as decorations, especially for Children’s Day for those who have boys in their families. And you can find exactly that at Tadayasu’s Armor. From full-size armor to 3-piece bottle covers, you can find a range of designs that fit your needs.

The 2-floor warehouse and factory has a team of 7 Shokunin (craftsmen), some with as many as almost 30 years’ experience that produce the armor being sold here. It requires more than 5,000 steps and 2 months to hand make these decorative armor. Visiting there, I got a chance to see the making in action.


If you are interested in visiting, booking isn’t required. Please book via the link below to visit, and I do recommend bringing your own translator if you wish to ask questions.

🌐 Reservation link:

📆 Store hours 9:00-16:00, Monday to Saturday

Check out @saitama.japan.official for more experiences in Saitama prefecture

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