Phuket | Day 2 - Phi Phi Islands

Last I was in Phuket was back in 2013 Christmas. I also went on a boat ride to Phi Phi islands, but I would say some things have changed. The speed boats are more luxurious now, with leather seating and spacious enough for coolers full of drinks in the middle, a toilet, and a front viewing deck. 

We chartered a private speed boat from It was a spacious 22 seater twin engine speed boat, and took only an hour to get from the Eastern pier of Phuket over to Phi Phi. It was just as beautiful and breathtaking as I remembered it. You start entering this cove surrounded by rock formations towering on either side. The water is so blue it's not like anything else you've ever seen, but at the same time it is crystal clear. When you jump into the water, it's a perfectly warm temperature. Though there aren't many fishes here in this area, if you look down in the water you can see the bottom sands. 

 After a swim in the cove, we were then taken to a snorkeling spot. I can't remember where, or how many in fact. It seems like every time we stopped somewhere, I had to put my snorkels back on. I didn't take too many photos in the water, but the Youtube vlog will show the snorkeling spots well. Some were also a mixture of snorkeling/dive spots. We tried to spot a reef shark, but they weren't out today, what a shame! Instead I was photobombed constantly by these yellow and black stripy fishes. 

 For lunch we stopped at the main pier of Phi Phi Island where all the stalls and restaurants are. This is probably the 3rd Tom Yum Gong soup I've had, and many more to come. But I can't get enough of Thai food, the pineapple fried rice, satay, green curries, red curries, and of course you can't forget the fresh whole coconuts! 

 A few more islands, snorkeling after lunch, and I think we've successfully tired everyone out. Back at the hotel, the storm came in after the beautiful pink and purple sunset. It poured for a good hour, and you just know you're in the tropics, caught right in the center of all of it. This did not bother the Thai people a bit. There were still motorbikes zooming down the street, people just threw on a poncho and continued on minding their own business. 

Dinner was just right next door at 3 Spices, which is part of the hotel group. I had unknowingly booked this restaurant, and only after arriving did I realize it is the exact same restaurant I had 3 years ago. I remembered how good it was, and it is great to be back! I had so much food, king prawns, tom yum gong, duck noodles, water spinach, coconut, and of course cocktails! 


Tomorrow is the last day, just a short morning and leaving to the airport at 2pm. Perfect for some last minute shopping, and my favorite beach activity - parasailing! 


  1. I discovered Phi Phi for the first time this past December. Amazing! Love you photos btw. Southbay_dan

    1. Aw that's great! They're closing down a lot of the beaches in Phuket because of too many tourists. I'm glad you were able to make it!