Phuket | Day 3 - Parasailing

Considering I was out till 3am, I'm proud to have dragged myself out of bed around 8:30am. I didn't want to miss the beautiful sunshine! I had some breakfast, then wandered off the semi-private beach section behind our hotel. There were some people on the beach, but for the most part it was quiet. It's a Sunday morning! The whole city is still recovering from last night's carnage. I asked one of the beach front vendors for Parasailing price. He quoted me a fair price of 1200 THB for one round of parasailing (I later found out that was the price for children!! The advantages of being a tiny asian girl). 

I completely forgot how to Parasail, last it was 3 years ago. The guys starting running around putting gear all over me - the harness (all too tight, I feel bad for guys that have to do this), life jacket, and then they hooked me up to the parachute. 

"Ok, I count 1, 2, 3. And when I say 3, you just run!"


"1, 2, 3"

And then I was dragging my bruised knees and legs through the sand till the boat pulled me off the ground. I scratched myself, but nonetheless, the view from the sky is always just so amazing. I love the ocean, but man I do love being in the sky. It is so intense but serene at the same time. The sun was just halfway up the sky, and you can see the entire Patong Beach strand coming alive slowly below you. I was in the sky for a good 15 minutes up and down the beach front. At the end they slowly dropped me into the ocean and then came around the fetch me front the water. 

Cheeky Thai men, they see an attractive Asian girl alone by herself and everyone is hands all over me trying to "help" me take off all my gear. Back at the shore everyone was discussing if I'm single or not, trying to get me to do their tour. The tourists are awake now, so another group of girls were getting geared up for a fly as well. I rejected the rest of the jetski, banana boat, and whatever other offer there were and proceeded back to the hotel pool to rinse off the salt into my sun-kissed skin.  Lucky me, I have superior genes, in that I never get sun burned. 

After checking out, I went out real quick for souvenir shopping. And then a friend of ours from work offered to take me on a motorbike ride up the coast to this outdoor restaurant. It sat on a high cliff which offered a picturesque view of Patong Beach. It's just far out enough to be quiet. 

Now you see why Phuket (along with Bali) is like the number 1 expat beach destination, it's easy in that people speak English. There's all sorts of activities along the beach and also boat tours to choose from. The food is great, and don't get me started with the partying here. I won't say I'm dying to come back to Phuket very soon, but it's almost always a guaranteed a good stay. 

Next up, I'll be in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Not so much Asia 101 anymore. But known as one of the world's most important heritage and religious sites, it has left a indescribable lasting impression. 

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