7 Rose Gardens Around Tokyo | Blooming Now in May

Roses are blooming early this year just like all the other flowers this spring! And here are 7 rose gardens in and around Tokyo which are in full bloom already. What's even more amazing is that 5 of them are free and opened 24/7. 

Yoyogi Park (Shibuya, Tokyo)
This beloved park which includes a dog run, kid's playground, picnic benches and more also has flowers of all kinds, including Sakura and roses! If you enter from the park gate right by Meji Jingu, you will run into the roses straight ahead towards the left side. They have beautiful roses in all colors! 

⌲ Hours: 24/7
⌲ Free Entry
⌲ Station: JR Harajuku, Meiji-jingumae Harajuku Station, or Yoyogi-Koen 



Shiba Park (Minato, Tokyo)
What to frame Tokyo Tower with Roses? You got it! There's also a hidden terrace area behind Prince Park Tower Hotel where you can see even more roses. I've included a detailed map below so it's easier for you to find! The location is quite tucked away, which means it's not crowded! 

⌲ Hours: 24/7
⌲ Free Entry
⌲ Station: Shibakoen or Akabanebashi Station


Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho (Minato, Tokyo)
In the heart of the city under skyscrapers lies this building from the Showa era called the "Akasaka Prince Classic House". It is now an upscale restaurant lined with rows of roses on all side. In front there is a large deer statue, and you can find many office workers sitting down having lunch and enjoying the view on weekdays. It's not so crowded as they haven't heavily advertised this location. 

If you'd like to dine on their outdoor terrace, you can make a reservation in person or online. They have lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner sets starting at ¥4,000/person. 

⌲ Hours: 24/7
⌲ Free Entry
⌲ Station: Nagatacho Station Exit 9b


Tokyo Hatoyama Hall (Bunkyo, Tokyo)
Belonging to a previous Japan Prime Minister Hatoyama Ichiro, Tokyo Hatoyama Hall is a beautiful western style house with a rose garden, stained glass windows, a guest hall, and even a Japanese tatami guest room. Mr.Hatoyama is known for repairing diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union post world war 2, so in the house you can find all kinds of awards and documents such as diplomat visas and plane tickets from the 50s. 

This location is again not so much advertised so it is relatively quiet. Keep in mind that they do not allow high heels in order to protect the carpet as well as the grass.

⌲ Hours: 10am - 4pm (Closed Mondays)
⌲ Entry: ¥600/adult 
⌲ Station: Gokokuji Station or Edogawabashi Station (2 stops from Ikebukuro)


Toden Arakawa Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram)
This is a little tram journey that takes you through Arakawa City in around 40min. Both sides of the tram is lined with rows and rows of colorful roses. Other than the cost of the tram ride itself, everything is free of charge to see. At one of the starting station, Minowabashi Station, there is a little garden-like area with a lot of roses you can enjoy. At my suggested final stop, Otsukaekimae, there is a small hill you can walk up along the tram line towards Mukohara station which is also filled with roses.

You can combine this trip with a stop at Hatoyama Hall since it's not too far from Otsuka Station. 
  • Start here: Minowabashi Station
  • Worthy stops: Arakawa-Nichome, Arakawashako-Mae, Arakawa-Yuenchimae
  • Final Stop: Otsukaekimae (get off here and walk along the line towards Mukohara) 


Keisei Rose Garden (Chiba)
This is perhaps the most famous Rose Garden in the area, but with hundreds of breeds from both Japan and abroad, it is worth the trip. I had a lot of fun looking at all the names, and I concluded that my favorite is this purple/pink colored rose called "Enchanted Evening". They even have a section of roses named after famous  people! 

A note on crowds, this location gets crowded very quickly. If you'd like to see it in a less crowded state, try going there on a weekday between 9am - 10am. If going on the weekend I would suggest to arrive 15min before opening. Once you get there,  head straight to the furthest end and start working your way towards the entrance/exit. Most people will be stopping along the way from the entrance, but if you work your way from the furthest end, then you can enjoy the garden in peace and quiet. 

⌲ Hours: 9am - 5pm
⌲ Entry: ¥1,500/adult (May/June)
⌲ Station: Yachiyomidorigaoka + Short Bus Ride 

Yamashita Park (Yokohama, Kanagawa)
I cannot believe this park is free entry! It's a pretty big rose garden right next to Yokohama Chinatown, and was pretty quiet on a weekday morning. There are roses of all breeds and colors, and they were labled with names as well. Out of my list of 7, this is the second largest after Keisei Rose Garden, so it's definitely worth a visit, especially because it's free! 

Also, Hydrangeas are blooming already at Yamashita Park! 

⌲ Hours: 24/7
⌲ Free Entry
⌲ Station: Motomachi-Chukagai 


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