20 Hydrangea Spots in Tokyo & Kamakura | Blooming now in June

Five years ago, I visited Kamakura for the first time during Hydrangea season. I didn't know much about these ball of flowers, and I didn't time my visit at all to see  Hydrangeas. I was much more focused on seeing different shrines and temples. 

Fast forward to today, when Hydrangea season first started, I knew about a few key famous spots like Asukayama Park and Hakusan Shrine. But as I started digging deeper, the list got longer and longer, from shrines and temples to rooftop gardens and train lines. There are still locations that are still relatively quiet and less well known, so it is possible to enjoy these beautiful flowers without dealing with crowds of people. 

I include exact google map locations of where the flowers are found on my Instagram posts, so go follow me @ariel.land for more info! 

Here's all the locations I've discovered so far! Save them in your maps for your  next adventure.

Kyunakagawa near Fureai Bridge 

I was here pretty early on a very cloudy day so there was barely anyone. Now it should be close to full bloom so expect crowds on weekends, especially professional photographers with those big lenses and tripods! But the good thing is the Hydrangea stretches quite a long distance and it's on both sides of the river so you should still be able to find a quiet spot to enjoy the flowers. 

⌲ Station: Hirai 

Keio Inokashira Line - Nishieifuku Station 

If you are a fan of trains and you'd like to capture the train passing by, this is your spot. There are also blue and rainbow colored trains which are also popular amongst the local photographers to capture. The other thing is, the hydrangeas here are super concentrated so they're like big puffs of cotton candy and will sway with the wind from trains zipping by! 

A bonus if you are here: "Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory" is a cafe known for their  super cute Totoro shaped cream puffs! You can get them for takeaway or eat there. 


Symbol Promenade Park & Aomi Station 

This is a very popular and iconic spot to capture Hydrangeas in Odaiba area. Theses spots definitely get crowded on weekends but they are very quiet on weekdays no matter the time. You can combine this as a half-day/daytrip on the weekend to see all the other spots in Odaiba such as the statue of liberty, large gundam, or shop at one of the many malls there. 

Myohoji (Suginami City)

This is definitely a hidden gem. Not very many people know about this place, not even locals. The Hydrangeas are tucked deep in the back of this temple (exact map location on my instagram account @ariel.land) But it's actually a pretty large area filled with flowers. There's at least two long walkways with Hydrangeas lined on both sides, and there's also an area with Iris flowers.  

⌲ Station: Asagaya (+ Short bus ride or walk)



Asagaya Shinmeigu

This Shrine is right by Asagaya Station, so you can combine it with a visit to Myohoji. This year there aren't very many Hydrangeas on displays here, however there's limited edition Hydrangea Goshuin (left) and Omamori (right). They are, as usual, embroided. They also had special Sakura season ones, too!  

⌲ Station: Asagaya


Sumida Park
Right by Sensoji is Sumida Park, where you can see Tokyo Skytree right across the river. There is a Hydrangea Walk there and you can see them in all kinds of colors. There's also two cafes in the middle of Sumida park and a really large play area for kids, so this would be a good spot for families to go to on weekends. Plus you can combine it with a visit to Sensoji!

⌲ Station: Asakusa  


Tamagawadai Park

This is a spot popular amongst the locals, and if you go on weekdays you'll run into a lot of kids from nurseries and kindergartens taking a walk there. You can see the train from the long staircase, too! So this is a great spot for train lovers. Though this spot gets crowded, the rows of flowers are separated by walkways so it's not difficult to find a quiet corner here. 

⌲ Station: Tamagawa



Shimomaruko Park 
Just 3 stations from Tamagawa is a small quiet neighbourhood of Shimomaruko. There is a local park with a small but wonderful and display of many special breeds of Hydrangeas. You'll find a lot of enthusiastic elderly photographers there,  hunched over to get a good shot of the flowers. This spot is also not too well known so it doesn't get crowded. If you'd like to see different looking Hydrangeas, this is your spot. 

⌲ Station: Shimomaruko

Fancl Ginza Square (June 1 ~ 8th)
On the topic of special breeds, this spot is a small rooftop garden right in the heart of Ginza. You'd expect somewhere in Ginza to charge money for entry but this place is free to visit between 11am - 8pm! Because this spot is small, it will be crowded. But the breeds here are very special, some even look like butterflies! 

⌲ Station: Ginza


Hakusan Shrine
This is the iconic Hydrangea viewing location in Tokyo. Hakusan Shrine even has a Hydrangea hill (though closed this year due to State of Emergency). From the shrine grounds to the small park in the back, and even the parking lot, Hakusan Shrine is covered in Hydrangeas. Even on early weekday mornings you'll bump into photo enthusiasts, but it doesn't get too crowded until the afternoon. 

⌲ Station: Hakusan



Fukutoku Shrine
Surrounded by skyscrapers is a place of peace and calm. You really wouldn't expect to find a shrine in this area. And recently, this shrine has been doing more floral decorations with their Chozuya (hand washing basin). And of course since Hydrangeas are in season, you can catch a beautiful daily display of Hydrangeas here! 

⌲ Station: Mitsukoshimae

Hatomori Hachimangu
Another spot for Shrine lovers, this spot is just south of Shinjuku gyoen. They not  only have Hydrangeas in their Chozuya, but they also have a few actual plants on the shrine grounds. They also have a "mini mt. fuji" that you can climb. Look out for the cute signs after conquering the peak! 

⌲ Station: Sendagaya, Kokuritsu-Kyogijo, or Kita-Sando



Shinagawa Central Park
If you live on the south side of Tokyo, are a train lover, and/or have kids, this is a very good option. You will spot Hydrangeas right next to the railway and also be able to see the Shinkansen in the distance! Right by the Hydrangea walkway is also a zipline for kids to play with.

 ⌲ Station: Shimo-shinmei



Asukayama Park
Right by the train tracks is this narrow walkway full of Hydrangeas which are on  the ledge. The ones on the south end are pretty high so it's actually not too suitable to take photos with. However if you're someone who would like to see Hydrangeas in a lot of different colors, you will find all of them here, from purple to pink, blue, white with a blue tint, and those that are a blend of these colors. It's also a good place  to practice portrait and macro photography since the flowers will be right at eye level so you don't need to hunch down over them. I wouldn't really recommend this spot as a weekend trip or something to-do, but it's a good option to practice photography as I mentioned. 

⌲ Station: Oji Station (JR)




Fuchu Municipal Museum Kyodonomori (Fuchu City Local Forest Museum) 
This is a spot that's suitable for everyone - those who want to go somewhere for a weekend date or family trip, those who want to practice photography, and those who love Japanese gardens and historical architecture. They have over 10,000 Hydrangeas in 30 breeds blooming now over a very large forest park of 140,000sqm. You'll even find paths along the river here as well as a watermill. All of the paths are also wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Originally this spot was closed due to SOE (State of emergency) but they have re-opened as of June 4th, 2021. 

⌲ Station: Bubaigawara (JR) plus a short bus ride. 
⌲ Entry: ¥300/person



| Kamakura |

This is a very iconic temple especially popular amongst photographers for its long staircase walkway lined with blue hydrangeas. You can expect crowds and a line even before it opens on weekdays. However all the photographers are pretty respectful when it comes to taking turn  on photos. 

"Meigetsu" means bright moon, and at the top you will see a circular window looking out into their Iris garden in the back. You'll also see small bunny statues throughout the temple, as well as real pet bunnies. 

⌲ Station: Kita-Kamakura
⌲ Entry: ¥500/person
⌲ Hours: 9am - 4pm (Closed on weekends for June 2021)


Meigetsuin portraits shot by @linejka

This is perhaps the most popular spot to go to with family or a group of friends. Hase-dera covers a very large area and they have many varieties of Hydrangeas all throughout. You can also see the beach and ocean from their steep Hydrangea hilltop. They also have special seasonal hydrangea Omamoris (good lucky charms) if anyone is looking for a souvenir or collection. 

One thing to note is that the Hydrangea hill is a separate entry ticket (¥400) and it's also not wheelchair or stroller accessible at all. It is set on a very steep hill with stairs only. However down on the temple grounds you are still able to see many hydrangeas. 


Goryo Shrine 
This spot is just one street next to Hase-dera, so definitely stop by. At the side of the shrine which ends right by the train-tracks, there is a large row of hydrangeas which frame the famous "Enoden" (Enoshima Dentetsu Trainline) passing by. You will definitely find a lot of train and photography enthusiasts here. 

Funny thing when I was there: a local man was shouting and directing the tourists saying where to stand, how to take the photos, he basically kept saying "I've lived here for 20 years and I've seen so many people come here, I know how to get a great photo". 


This is a quiet spot by the station that has Hydrangeas as well. Though it's not large in  numbers, it's definitely a pleasant and quiet walk. I love to end  my trip to Kamakura at this place after being overwhelmed by the crowds at Meigetsuin or Hase-dera. You can also see Eno-den from the bridge just  above Gokurakuji station!


Tokyo bonus spot: HANA BIYORI
This is a spot I'd like to dedicate an entire blog post to, so stay tuned for more photos and details. In short, this is a botanical garden right by Yomiuri land. It is still very quiet since it was closed for a while due to SOE and only recently  re-opened. There's also Japan's only Starbucks in a botanical garden which is gorgeous. They also have a really spectacular indoor floral light-show that really reminds me of teamlabs. 

⌲ Station: Keio-Yomiuriland (Free shuttle bus every 15min from the station. Or a 12min walk up some stairs through the forest)
⌲ Entry: ¥1,200/person
⌲ Hours: 10am ~ (Closing time differs, they also have a firefly night time eventright now)


I really hope you enjoyed this very long list of Hydrangea spots! I'm just so surprised by the amount of care that Japan has for its seasonal flowers and I keep finding new locations. Sorry I didn't get to see many spots in Chiba and Saitama this year, but I'll keep that for next year's season! 

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