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Only opened in March 2020, this modern botanical garden is a hidden gem that's not so well known yet, thus allowing a nice experience without crowds. It is right beside Yomiuriland, however you do not need tickets to Yomiuriland to enter Hana Biyori. So you can either to go to these two spots separately or together if you are planning to stay for a whole day there.

What I love this place is how accessible and kid friendly it is! There's plenty of space for everyone to run around and a lot of cute flowers to see, but also seating if you get tired. For those with older kids, you can even sign up for a workshop to make your own potted plant or bonsai. It's the perfect activity for the entire family to enjoy. 


Basic information about the park:

*Information is subject to change. Please check the official website (*in Japanese! I found the English version website to have a lot of outdated information so even the show times are incorrect)

  • Hours: 10am-5pm (on weekends in June & first week of July there's a firefly event till 9pm)
  • Entry: ¥1,200/person, ¥600 for 3yo up to elementary school kids
  • Digital art show: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm daily, extra time on weekends
  • FREE SHUTTLE every 15min between the Keio Yomiuriland station up to the entrance of the park (You can walk up but it's a lot of stairs through a steep hill)

As you enter the park, you'll first see a beautiful display of hanging umbrellas to match with the rainy season. If you turn right, it goes to the Japanese garden. You'll see some Hanatemizu , or flower filled Chozuya  (water basins), which is currently decorated with the seasonal flower - Hydrangeas.


If you head left, you'll get to the main building which has the main attraction: the Digital Flower Art Show. It runs every 2 hours or so and lasts for about 6 minutes, displaying flowers on 3 walls combined with laser, mist, and sound effects. If kind of reminds me of Team Labs.

There's also a small gift shop full of really cute merch related to flowers such as stationary, plant kits (for bonsai even!), floral soap, snacks, and cute cactus plants! If you head towards the back, just in front of the Starbucks is the Workshop areaYou can approach any staff for a 30-60min session, starting at ¥2,000~, on making super cute plant art such as moss in a bowl, mini plants in a test tube or bonsai art making. You can also buy these plants directly if you don't have time to do the workshop. 



In the back you'll find Japan's first Starbucks inside a botanical garden. All of the tables are decorated with greenery and flowers so you feel as if you're in a mini forest. Looking out the back window is another garden area with a view of Yomiuriland's gondola and rollercoaster. 


Also, if you are lucky, sometimes the Keio train will have super cute patterns all over it like this Cinnamoroll one!

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