Edo Style Bathhouse Cafe in Ueno | Rebon Kaisaiyu

In 1928 this Sento was founded. They commissioned a 浴場背景画絵師 (Yokujo-Haikeiga-eshi) or Bathhouse mural painter to paint this stunning backdrop of Fuji for the bathhouse. Fast forward almost 100 years, this wall still stands, but it's now behind a cafe called Rebon Kaisaiyu.


A Sento is essentially a public bathhouse. You'll see separate entrances for women and men, and after entering there will be a row of showers followed by a few hot baths in the back. Sentos were popular because a lot of houses back in the day didn't have individual bathing facilities. But as Japan modernized, the need for Sentos went away. And in 2016, this particular Sento closed permanently. 


In July of 2020, Rebon Kaisaiyu opened. The Fuji Mural, the baths, the boiler, the shoe lockers and some other tools were kept as is from the old Sento. Newely built in the back is an architecture consultancy, and the front, a cafe which is kept simple and only serve 2 types of items - ice-cream and beverages. 


Next time you find yourself wondering what else is there to do in Tokyo, head over to Ueno area and treat yourself to a little trip back to historical Japan times with Rebon Kaisaiyu cafe. 

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  1. Sounds like a good place to visit! I've been exploring study places in HK so that I can revise quietly. FOund some good recommendations, but I cant wait to visit Japan and have a look too! Hope you can share more great content in the future :)

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