Blog 21 (Vlog) Phuket Day 1

Location: Phuket, Thailand (Patong Beach)
Date: December 20th - 25th
Vlog link at the end of this posting! Please watch in 720p HD!

Flight Hong Kong to Phuket was at 11:30pm
Checked into Villa Diamond Cliff at around 4am
By this point I was dead like a zombie and super exhausted, but the next day I woke up at 7am to go to the Phi Phi Island tour. The weather in Phuket is just absolutely amazing! It's so sunny and warm. Any picture you take will look really nice.

[ View from Novotel Villa next door ] 

We all got on a car ride to the boat. Along the way I saw many interesting things. One thing that I observed is that Thai people just don't like doors on their vehicles! Whether it's a Tuk Tuk or a bus, the back doesn't have a door. And people would ride on the back of the truck. It's super common! A lot of tourists also rent motorbikes to get around the island. On the streets there will be lots of glass bottles that looks like drinks, but they're actually gasoline to refill your motorbike! 

After arriving at the dock, I bought some water proof cases so I can film underwater. We also got some fish food to attract fishes when snorkeling. The Speed Boat tour to Phi Phi island is from 9am - 5:30pm in the afternoon. It's a full day trip with 4 island destinations, and a few other destinations where we don't get off the boat. The 4 main islands we went to are Khai Nok Island, Yao Yai Island, Maya Bay, and Bamboo Island. We also snorkeled at Pi Leh Cove and stopped by Monkey Island.

Island One: Khai Nok Island

Khai Nok island is mainly for beach snorkeling. There are tons of fishes in the shallow waters of this beach, and they swim around you when you have fish food. We only stopped here for 30 minutes since the island was really crowded. 

Island Two: Yao Yai Island (In Thai: Big and Long island)

At Yao Yai island, we went Kayaking, Swimming and had a lovely lunch. The water is crystal clear and the sand is really really soft. This island was also less touristy, so our speed boat was the only one docked here. The island had only the 20 people group of us hanging around so it was really nice to just chill and relax here.

After lunch we stopped by for snorkeling at Pi Leh Cove. The water was only about 3 meters deep, and there were tons of fishes in the ocean. I've never snorkeled before. But the moment I tried, I wanted to do it again and again! It's so much fun. You can see all the way down to the bottom of the ocean, that's how clear the water was.

Island Three: Maya Bay (My favorite one!!)

The sand at Maya bay is like flour. It is so soft and fine I couldn't believe it's real sand! Maya Bay is also the place where you see the famous pictures of Thailand with those long wooden boats hanging around in shallow beaches. There's a bar on this island, so you can drink and just relax.

Have some coconut juice!

I also found this really weird looking fruit. I think it's from One Piece? 

After Maya bay, we stopped by many places for nice scenery. 

I can't remember the name of this place above, but it's a really interesting area. The water turns from shallow to deep all of a sudden. The shallow area is 1.5 meters but the deep area is 20 meters deep! I wish we could snorkel here but we didn't stop here.

Island Four: Bamboo Island

This is the last island of the tour. It was a small island full of bamboo shoots. By this point I was really cold and tired since we've been hopping around island after island. It was 5pm and I was ready to take a nice long, warm shower and snuggle up in bed.

For dinner, we ate at Baan Rim Pa Restaurant. It's a really famous restaurant in the Patong area. It doesn't have windows. It just looks out into the beach and ocean. And it's only lit by candle light, so when we order the waitress will give us a reading light. I ordered a seafood salad (the most spicy thing I've tasted in my life, but I managed to finish it after 4 glasses of water), and also a shrimp green curry. 

After dinner, I just went straight to bed. I was too exhausted to walk around. Tomorrow will be a chilled day at the beach and the weekend market.

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