Blog 24 (Vlog) Phuket Day 4

Phuket Day 4 (December 24th, 2013)
Activities: Tiger Kingdom, Parasailing

[ Family Mart & Line Characters ]

[Wall Art at Jungceylon Mall]

Tiger Kingdom

Today's main activity is to visit Tiger Kingdom. It only opened this August! They have tigers from smallest to small, medium, and big size. I chose the Small size tiger (900 THB per person). The small tigers are 6 months old and 50kg. They're super chilled in the afternoon since it's their nap time. They are so adorable too! Trainers will enter the cage with you so it's super safe. You can hug the tiger's whole body, or grab it's tail and hind paws and the tiger won't mind! 

Brother & Sister sleeping

So gorgeous! 

Playful tiger wants some tummy rubs

Here are the prices:
Smallest Tiger (2-4months old) 1,000 THB/person
Small Tiger (5-10months) 900 THB/person
Medium Tiger (11-15 months) 800 THB/person
Big Tiger (16-36 months) 800 THB/person
Photographer service 500 THB/group


The afternoon was another chill day at Patong beach. I actually wanted to go to Mid Air Circus school to try some trapeze but it's closed since it's Christmas eve. So I decided to do Parasailing instead. First they put a really tight harness on you, then a life jacket over it. Then they attach the parachute to the harness. When they count down 3, 2, 1 you run as fast as you can, and before yo know it, you're 200m above the ocean. The view up there is really nice, and you can see creatures swimming around in the ocean! I saw some jelly fishes. They'll drop you down really close to the surface of the water then pull you up really quickly again. It's superfun! Same as jet ski it's 1500. I'd definitely say Parasailing is more fun! 

[Last walk on Patong beach]

[Thai Boxing ad car running around]

[Banana Disco]

Phuket -> Hong Kong flight at 3am 

Back in Hong Kong safe and sound at 7am

I feel like a wounded soldier back from war. My nose is burned, face is really rough, arms and legs full itching from allergy, and lips full of sores from spicy food & not sleeping enough. It's been a really fun vacation packed full of activities I've never done before. I'll be visiting soon! Thailand is amazing.

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