Blog 23 (Vlog) Phuket Day 3

Phuket Day 3 (December 23rd, 2013)
Activities: James Bond Island tour, and Bangla Road
Vlog link at the end of this posting!!

Today we're going to on a big boat for the James Bond Island Tour. We first arrived at the gathering area where there's a lot of little grass huts and also vendors selling beach goods. There were about 40 people on each big boat, and 6 boats on tour that day. The main activities of this tour is kayaking, cave tours, swimming, and sight seeing. 

[Baby on board!] 
(not mine just in case you're getting any funny ideas)

2-4 people are assigned to one Kayak with a personal tour guide

We went through 2 caves (check out the video to see the caves)

And after many winding paths...

We end up in a little area like paradise.
If you watched Disney's Tangled where Rapunzle was kept in a tower that's all surrounded by high rocks, this is exactly like what it is.

The scenery is just absolutely stunning! And the tour guide was really nice a cool!

Off to the next stop!

James Bond island swarming with tourists

Throughout James Bond island, there's lots of really cool scenery and formations of rocks that I've never seen before. Like the few pictures below. I don't know the exact name of these geology formations. Perhaps someone in that major can let me know?

Beautiful sunset on the way back

At night we went to Bangala Road! The famous danger road full of bars, strippers, lady boys, drunk tourists, the hammer game (vlog video explains it)... It's like the Hangover Part 2 in front of my eyes. 

Mr. Mcdonalds says Sawadee 
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