Blog 22 (Vlog) Phuket Day 2

Phuket Day 2 (December 22nd, 2013)
Activities: Patong beach Jet skiing, Weekend Market (Insect snacks?!)

After a very very exhausting day yesterday on a speed boat all day and hopping around beaches, I got a good night's sleep, and finally get to taste the hotel's amazing buffet breakfast. The breakfast area is right beside the swimming pool on the top of the villa. You can see some parts of Patong beach from there. And as you've already guessed, the weather is amazing! 

This is the very large breakfast I had. The breakfast buffet has so much food! It has western food like pancakes, waffles, french toast, croissants, cereal, eggs and bacon, sausages... they also have Dim Sum representing Chinese, and lots of fruits, salads, and fresh fruit juice. Best breakfast ever!!

After breakfast, I went back to the hotel room and braided my hair! It turned out nicer than I thought! So I did 4 tiny braids, two on each side, then I braided it all into one big braid. Add a flower and bow, and voila, the hair's done! It's perfect for the warm weather and swimming at the beach. Your hair won't get tangled into knots.

[ Must have 1 : Beach hat]

[Must have 2 : Flip Flops]

Before going to the beach, I had to get some stuff at the nearby market. I got a big beach hat, a pair of pink flip flops, "Chanel" sunglasses, and two big beach towels. The market street has Starbucks! I was a little hot after walking around in the 30C heat, so I got myself a Green Tea Frappuccino! 

[Tuk Tuk Ride]

[ Patong Beach ] 

[ Chilling, Relaxing, and People watching]

The water was a perfect warm temperature! We stayed on the beach for the whole afternoon and passed around a Waboba in the water. (Waboba: This small ball made from special material that allows the ball to skim on water) Also I went for a 30 min jet ski ride! It's 1500 THB for 30 min (about $50 US) It is soooooooo much fun! You can also do Wakeboarding, Kite Surfing, Parasailing (which I did on the last day) and a ton of other fun activities.  Along the beach you can also get massages, really cheap manicures and pedicures at around 200 THB which is $7 USD, get your hair braided, and so on. There's lots to do at the beach! Much more than you can think of. Vendors also walk around and sell things like swimsuits, sunglasses, bamboo flutes, flower necklaces, juice, beer, and snacks.

-  Weekend Market -

 At night we went to the Weekend Market. It's Saturday and Sunday from 4pm - 10pm. There's graphic t-shirts, knockoff name-brand bags, jewelry, buddha statues, weapons, street food (bugs), and some really cool art. Always cut the price in half.

[Maneki Neko x 10000]

[Real Butterfly Jewelry]

[Insects in stones]

[Knifes, blades, shotguns, and crossbows. Super Legal!]

[#Dada Life]

This is a really cool Texan style bar. The bar owner is also the bartender and hand makes leather goods to sell in the shops. He makes leather boots, bags, vests, and also sells cigars.  

[ Leather + Hammer + Nail = Art ]

[Bunny Glasses?]

Pineapple fried rice for dinner

To see insect street food, check out the vlog linked below!

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